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Hello! My name is Bruno, I'm 32 years old and I am in Lisbon, Portugal.

I had anterior cervical discectomy surgery in 23/12/2008 (4 days ago). C5/C6. I'm wearing a cervical collar, and I'm taking anti-inflamatory pills.

The pain in my left arm and fingers got much better after surgery, but it still hurts (it dropped from a level 9 to a level 3 of pain). Now, I'm able to sleep for 6, 7 hours. Before surgery, I couldn't even lay down in my back.

Did you also feel like this? Less pain but still pain? Does the pain get better after a few days/weeks? Are you doing any kind of terapy after surgery to reduce the pain and inflamation in the arm? I'm thinking in putting some ice in my shoulder and arm.

The Doc told me to do my normal life, right away! To drive, to work, etc. The only restrition is to wear the cervical collar for 2, 3 weeks. Did you have a similar experience?



Hi Bruno,

You will find a wide array of answers to your question as to does the pain get immediately better then after a few weeks go away. I think it depends on the circumstances. You can read posts here that will make you think it is going to go on forever and others that make you think the pain you are feeling should not be there.

In my case, on 10-30-2008I had ACDF on 2 levels C4-5-6 and had immediate relief but after a few weeks I began to have problems and still am. My pain varies from 3's to 6's now, a lot better than the 9's. I won't go into things in detail since you can read it all elsewhere.

I wish you luck in going at things as normal! I was told 1 week before driving and 4 weeks off work and now still am on orders not to even exercise. So do what feel right and stay away from anything that hurts!

Good luck,