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Researchers at University College London believe that the conditions in which females are brought up could affect their fertility later in life. Led by this thought they decided to monitor hormonal levels in women who migrated to the UK from Bangladesh at different stages in life.

The study revealed that women who had spent their early life in UK where they lived in healthier conditions and had better nutrition had higher levels of reproductive hormones than those girls who had spend their childhood up in Bangladesh.

The researchers compared five groups of women who grew up in Bangladesh but moved to the UK as adults, those who had moved as children and those who were born in either of the two counties and stayed there.

In comparison to women who migrated later in life to UK or those who didn’t migrate at all, women who were brought up in UK reached puberty earlier and had up to 103% higher levels of the hormone progesterone as adults. Having higher levels of progesterone means bigger chances of fertility and conception. Higher levels of progesterone also increased chances of breast cancer but that was not the issue of the study.

The study results suggest that the early childhood is very important for determining the rate at which girls mature and how high their reproductive hormone levels would be as adults.


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