Australian fertility experts did an analyses of 9000 pregnancies and determined that couples who smoked during conception were almost twice as likely to get a baby girl. The researchers believe that tobacco "kills" boy fetuses.

Another team of researchers from Liverpool in the UK found that rates of female offspring were dramatically higher among smokers.

If a mother smoked during pregnancy she would be one-third less likely to have a boy child than a non-smoking mom. If a father smoked, the chances of having a son were cut almost in half. Passive women smokers were also more likely to have a baby girl.

It is believed that chemicals in cigarettes, like nicotine, may be inhibiting sperm carrying male chromosomes from fertilising eggs.

These findings raise concern that they could encourage future parents to take up the habit of smoking to control their baby's sex. However, this is so wrong because the background is a bit different.

Although more males are conceived, they are less robust and more likely to miscarry than females. When this weakness is accounted for, in the end, the same number is born.

One thing is clear: Smoking won’t make people get what they want since women may encounter fertility problems due to the bad habit and are twice as likely to have a miscarriage. If a father smokes to get a girl, the girl will be four times more likely to get cancer. Smoking should be avoided at all costs.