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I have a small white/pinkish patch of skin on my penis, it's about the size of a nail, I think it's spreading but I'm not sure, I am a virgin, it doesn't hurt or anything , what is this I'm a bit worried, also my skin is brown so it stand out more


I can't think of anything right now.  You may have to ask your doctor.  There are skin conditions which could do that.

Is there anything more you can tell us about it?  How long ago did this start?  If it seems to be growing, how fast is that growth?  Does it itch?  Is there an odor associated with it? Have you masturbated using anything rough that could have aggravated the skin?  Do you have any known allergies?  Anything else you can think of that might help?

Sorry for all the questions, but they may help figure it out.