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I have a small patch of red rough skin right under the tip of my penis. I am circumcised and it shows up right under the tip of my penis. I've been to the doctor twice with it and the doc said its not a std, but a fungal infection. He prescribed a clotrimazol and betamethasone cream that clears it up, then it comes right back. It doesnt hurt or itch, but if left alone, will eventually peel a little. Is there a way to treat it so that it doesn't come back?


Check with your doctor to see if a stronger treatment is needed to keep it from returning sometimes yeast infections can be a little stubborn. Also, try supplementing with a high quality  penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil).  One that includes shea butter, a high end emollient, can often help with skin irritation issues.  Good luck!’