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It's not unusual for men to have tingling sensations in the tip of the penis. Different kinds of tingles usually have different causes:

  • A mostly burning sensation after urinating is usually a sign of a bladder or prostate infection, or a UTI (urinary tract infection), or a STD such as gonorrhea, trichomonas, or chlamydia.
  • A pins and needles sensation, which may progress to numbness, is usually due a paresthesia, altered sensation due to nerve damage. This kind of nerve damage is most common in men who have diabetes or a chronic neurological condition like multiple sclerosis. When the underlying problem is diabetes or some chronic neurological disease, there will be other parts of the body besides just the penis that have this pins and needles sensation.
  • Genital herpes will cause burning and "electrical" tingling a day or two before it causes breakouts on the skin of the penis. This sensation is caused by the awakening of the virus that usually hibernates in the endings of nerves in the skin over the penis.
  • Kidney stones can cause sensation of pressure that may start small and become excruciating. The pain usually gets worse and worse until either the stone is passed, it is surgically removed, or it is broken up by lithotripsy. Tingling quickly gives way to cutting or stabbing pain, especially if the stones are the kind that have "horns" that irritate the lining of the urethra inside the penis.
  • Allergies cause an sensation similar to tiny insect bites (as do, for that matter, tiny insect bites). The most common triggers for allergies on the penis are latex in condoms, latex in underwear, scents in jock itch remedies, scents and perfumes in detergents that are not washed out of undergarments or pants, scents and perfumes in dryer sheets used in drying undergarments or pants, and additives to swimming pool water.
  • Contact dermatitis can cause an itching and stinging sensation in the penis. This is usually due to exposure to a detergent itself (rather than just a scent or perfume in the detergent), failing to rinse off soap after taking a shower, or exposure of skin to the metal nickel, which is common in jewelry placed in piercing. A penis piercing can trigger a severe allergic reaction.
  • Outdoor nudity can result in sunburn on the penis along with other exposed areas. Most men don't think about applying sunscreen to their genitals. When this kind of sunburn happens, there is usually a sensation similar to touching a hot stove as the skin is beginning to burn. That is the signal to cover up.

Genital warts caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) bear special mention. Usually the sensation just before a wart appears is a tingle, but the sensation once the wart is visible on the skin is more of an itch. These bumps may be painless at times, bloody after sexual intercourse, or itchy when they are in the process of growing and spreading. Fully 70 percent of people who have sex with someone who has HPV will develop the warts in three months of less, although making sure you have enough vitamin A in your diet (which is as simple as eating carrots every week) will greatly reduce your risk of catching or spreading the disease. Vitamin A, unfortunately, will not cure genital warts, but various vaccines, interferons, and even a green tea ointment called Veregren will help.

  • A cutting or scraping sensation may occur several minutes after an actual cut or scrape, such as getting the penis caught in a zipper or brushing against a hard metal surface while nude in the home, walking past appliances, or in a private gym.  Men often underestimate the risk of cuts and scrapes to the penis while nude doing activities they would ordinarily do clothed.

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