Every day of my life for the last 5 years has been miserable due to a persistent itchy rash.  It began on the left side of my head one afternoon, and within a week, it was in a dozen spots on my head, a ring around my neck, in the lower part of my back, and behind my thighs. 

The patch on the left side of my head is always there, as are other individual sores on my head, but the body rashes move around and look different.  They are papular rashes instead of discrete raised bumps.  For weeks, there will be a band of itchy red skin under my breasts or inside my elbow, or on the outside of my shoulder.  Then it will subside, only to pop up somewhere else.  Nobody I know has something like this, so I guess I'm not spreading anything.  I have been to at least 6 dermatologists or GPs who want to treat me symptomatically.  I got steroids injected in the main site, which made it subside, only to come roaring back within a few days.  I've been biopsied twice, and they describe it as granuloma annulare.  That's a description, and it doesn't tell me what causes it or imply how to treat it. 

By far the worst part is the original patch on the side of my head.  It will wake me up in the night itching, and once I start scratching, I will wind up digging at it with my finger nails until I'm pealing off layers of skin.  The only thing that helps is Bactine (topical lidocaine), but I want this stuff gone, not paliated.  It's hard to spray Bactine on my head while driving down the highway, so I expect I'll crash some day and end my itch that way.

I haven't had any satisfaction from doctors or found anything similar on the web.  I have a strong suspicion it's viral, as it seems to follow nerve tracks, like herpes.  If you know of any possible name for this or way to get rid of it, I'd be eternally grateful if you'd share it.