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I have had a dark patch, not exactly round, could be slightly raised if you pinch the skin together, about the size of a pencil eraser, mole-like growth on the lower bottom side of the penis, almost on the scrotum skin. It seemed to have gotten slightly larger over the past 4 months or so, but I'm worried its something worse than just a pigmented area on my penis. I just turned 40 and I did have some warts removed with a laser 10 years ago with a laser (HPV) I know. But my doctor said I was cured of that a long time ago, but I realized it could come back some day. This small patch could be a small wart like growth but its a lot flatter and its a lot darker than the warts I had years ago. I guess the bottom line is go to the doctor but I was hoping someone know something.



Some of what you wrote describes my problem exactly. I am 43 years old, circumcised and about 2 years ago i noticed a wart like growth on the bottom of my penis shaft. It's almost on the top of my scrotum. It has stayed the same size(approx 5mm) and it's mainly flesh colored with a tinge of gray. It does have a warty cauliflower look to it. I'm almost positive it's not genital warts. I applied some vinegar to it and it didnt turn white which i read it would had it been genital warts. It's slightly raised and it's only on the top of the skin. I've done some research and penile cancer among circumcised men is extremely rare.
I was wondering if you had yours checked out? please let me know