I found out last year that my boyfriend and I had chlamydia, since I had to do a full physical. We both have been tested the next 3 weeks. We have been trying ever since the waiting period was over. It has been almost a year and it just does not seem that anything is working. I tried taking the prenatal to kick start my body. I have recently stopped.

My period has always been regular. If anything, it came at least a day early but NEVER late. I have a regular 28 day cycle and 5days flow. In May 2010, my period was 3 days late. On the 3rd day I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. In June my period was 2 days late but it came both times. This month my period came 1 day early but only lasted 3days which is normally 5 days.

Maybe its just me but I feel different. I breast tingle from time to time, my belly button tingles too. I have been getting headaches for 2 weeks now, I been having trouble sleeping, I get heat flashes, I been feeling like I am about to throw up but I never do, and I have been felling bubbles in my stomach. No it is not gas, I know when I have gas.

I do not take any birth control. I am not on any medication and I am not easy to get sick and when I am, I know.

Could I have gotten pregnant back in May and not know it? Is it possible for the chlamydia to still be there?

I wanted take a pregnancy test before my physical this month.