hi all
im new to this site and was wondering if any1 cud advise me.
ive got 2 daughters from a previous marriage they are 12 and 18....ive been with my new partner for the last 3 yrs 2 of those yrs we have been ttc....we've both had tests and are fine....
after 2 yrs of trying i got pregnant we went for our 12 week scan and was told it had died at 6 weeks we were devastated ,the very next day i miscarried 14th dec 2010.......im always 29/30 day cycle ,my next period came 3 days late (which we expected bcoz of miscarry)....then instead of my next period coming on time it came on 9th feb 4 days early (i am never early) it started of in the evening as light spotting ( i never get my period in evening Always in morning and never spotting comes full flow)then the next day got heavier as the day went on last 3days. 4 days after i started to get tender and swollen boobs,backache and slight headaches.....from then till now ive had dry cm,weird dreams,feeling very hot (but not sweating) tingling sensation in my boobs,stretchy and cramping in lower abdoman and clear jelly mucus,,,now my stomach feels really swollen,going by the bleed i had on the 9th im calculating i should be due my period on the 9/10th of march.
is there a chance i could be pregnant.....confused as my bleed on the 9th has put me out never ever early.
thank u x