I have had a discharge since Sept, that is dark brown and stingy / clumpy looking...
sometimes it is a small amount, and others its enough to make me think i have my period
except that it's dark brown instead of red..... It comes and goes, i can have it 4-5 days or every once and a while
I had a pap, done in Jan which was negative.
I took a pregnant test, which came back negative.
I have no cramps, pain etc.
I have no fowl odor or anything like that
I took provera in the middle of Aug to start my period ( you take a pill everyday for 10 days, you should start your period with in a few days of your last pill) I have PCOS so I don't get my period, like normal people normally get their ...... r
I am 36 yrs older , I have diabetes, and I use to smoke! about 2 packs a day
I have had 2 miscarriages, and there are

what is wrong with me ?
could I have caner even though my pap was negative?