i am 24 years old, i have two small demanding children and recurrent tonsilitus which is pretty bad. logically it would be amazing to get the operation done and have less bouts of painful infections for the rest of my life. but......

I am 5ft 2 and weigh around 7 and a half stone, this is average though i am often lower. I confess i have issues with eating. i eat irregularly, often going days without. I constantly count calories, cannot eat in restuarants surrounded by other epople stuffing fod disgustingly into their mouths over and over i have a problem yes!

What i want to know is whether this will affect a tonsillectomy operation and recovery? is it safe to go under general anathetic when your at a fairly low weight? and is the recovery really as bad as everyone says as im worried that if i canot eat properly for weeks on end that my body may not be able to cope :S

Two little boys 4 and 6 will lso make the recovery difficult as im a very highly strung person who finds it impossible to relax and i will inevitably want to get back to them and not rest as much as i should folowing the surgery.

any advice welcome,