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I'm 39 and had my tonsils removed 4 days ago. I rarely had tonsillitis and/or strep throat but I had a sore throat on average 8 times a year since I was 8. I was caught in the generation where doctors were being pressured to spend less (HMO's) and to avoid what some even called "elective surgeries." I tried for over 20 years to convince several doctors to take my tonsils out but no luck. I gave up just before I got married and it was my wife who convinced me to try asking again. It wasn't just because I was sick so often but also because I constantly had "tonsil stones" which caused me to have really bad breath. It's a wonder my wife married me knowing what she was getting into.

Day 1 and 2 were really bad for me because I had such bad swelling. I would have really appreciated a steroid or something to help with that but my doctor said the Tylenol with the hydrocone would be enough. The swelling went down enough Friday night that I could sleep in 2 hour stretches. The general pain and pain with swallowing for me isn't burning or scratchy. It's much more like a bad bruise pain. I know this will change once the scabs start coming off. I don't plan on going back to work for another week. It occurred to me that part of the reason why adults have a harder time with tonsillectomies than children is because our tonsils are so much bigger due to age and most likely years of inflammation. This means the overall exposed area that is cut away is much bigger therefore more area to be sore and more area to heal.

I still haven't tried eating anything yet, other than a few Popsicle on the first day. I've forced myself to drink water though because I can tell when I'm getting dehydrated. I feel really bad for everyone that can't stomach the amount of pain killers the average person needs to take in order to barely function. Due to the amount of pain I'm having, I regret doing this right now but I know I won't regret it if I don't get sick as often as I used to and if my wife wants to kiss me much more often than she used to.


I'm a 35 yo female, 21 days post-op. Had my tonsils removed on 2/2/09. Have to say that I was terrified at the thought of surgery, when I first went in to my ENT back in November.

The outpatient surgery went well. The hospital got me in, dressed for surgery and knocked out pretty fast. Procedure lasted about 25 minutes. Recovered in the hospital for about 4 hours, I'm a big baby and wanted to make absolute sure that I was ready to get out of bed for the ride home. When I got home, was terribly nauseous for the entire day, but managed to drink lots of water and didn't eat much. The first night was rough, kept waking up every hour and a half, could feel slight bleeding in my throat. The full dose of lortab was too much for me, made me sick, so I decreased my dose to half and that seemed to do the trick. The hospital gave me an ice pack to place on my neck to help with the swelling. Had a low grade fever most of the week. Had a cold wash cloth on my forehead that helped keep me comfortable. My chief complaint had to have been the bad earache that I had in both of my ears. Ouch! But, I am happy to report that I had no sore throat pain through this whole experience.

Days 2-4 were better and began drinking gatorade, lots of water and sherbet ice cream. By day 5, I started eating small portions of chicken noodle soup (noodles only), scrambled egg, jello and mashed potatoes. By day 7, I was feeling much stronger and started eating refried beans (PROTEIN!), macaroni and cheese. Days 8-14 were much better as I finally got out of bed and watched some tv/played video games till I got tired. Went back to the ENT 10 days after and was told I developed thrush, not fun, but now has gone away as of Day 21. Folks, make sure that you are brushing your teeth after taking the antibiotics and pain meds...that goo left in your mouth can turn into thrush...wish my doctor mentioned this ahead of time! Days 14-21 have been much better, sleeping through the night and now eating regular foods, juices, and even salsa! Returned to work on day 14 and feel stronger each day. I have stopped the pain meds and am only taking tylenol as needed, which lately has only been once a day because of all the talking I have to do at work.

Still can't seem to stop losing weight though, I have lost 16 pounds so far. Figure in about another week, the weight should be coming back on as I'm eating a little more.

My advice for those of you getting the surgery.....take at least two weeks off (minimum) for recovery. Drink TONS of water, try not to talk too much, get as much sleep as possible and take it one day at a time. You will be on the road to recovery as long as you take the time to take care of yourself and be well informed on what to expect!


I'm 18 years old and after 4 years of repetitive tonsilitus I finally got referred to the ENT clinic, who is going to send me to Leicester Royal. So I decided to look it up on here and now I'm dreading it and debating weather to cancel it, the pain sounds horrendous. Can someone please just write a list of things not to do and things to do for me please. I haven't got a date for it yet but I'm already considering cancelling.
My doctor said that Juices would help, but now I've read on hear the acid can irritate the throat.

Someone un-confuse me please!! :-(


I am a 20 year old female. I had my tonsils out on the 4th March

I was nervous...but knew that as soon as the put the IV in my hand, i'd be knocked out for the next hour...

So, i woke up in recovery, oxygen mask on, nurse talking to me, with me laughing and crying (a bit emotional from the anaesthetic!) I was given some water to sip, and was left to sleep. Next think, i was told that i had bled in surgery, so they wanted to keep me in over night. The op was meant to take 30mins, but i was in there for over an off i go to the ward. Forgot to mention- i have cuts at the side of my mouth where they stretched my mouth open!! and a fat lip from them cutting my lip :-(

Day 1: I was quite glad i stayed in hospital since they just kept pumping drugs into me via the IV. I was also starving, so managed to eat through a cheese sandwich, 3 biscuits and some jelly in the first night :-) Barely slept all night, had trouble peeing because of the anasethetic.

Day 2 and 3: Go home, on paracetamol and ibuprofen every 6 hours and use a green mouthwash to prevent infection. Feeling alright-ish.

Day 4: can TASTE the manky scabs in my throat, making me feel a bit queasy, but eating toast to scrape away all the c**p lol.

Overall, im eating anything i want to, thats what the docs told me. Just stay away from really hot food and drinks. Hope i get better soon....


I got my tonsils and adenoids taken out on March 11. The first 2 days were okay, quite a bit of pain, my liquid hydrocodone helped a lot. I am now on day 3 and my ears hurt a bit more than they did yesterday, and I am just generally sore. I'm not sleeping very well and am very hungry. I, however, would do it all again not to live a life of constant tonsil stones and horrid breath. I used to get 3 to 4 throat infections a year, and my lymph nodes were pretty much always swollen. So I'll grin and bear the pain of recovery, as bad as it is. I'll be sure to let everyone know if I get any new symptoms, but so far - yes, there is pain, but at this point, I consider it worth it.


Just wanted to spread some encouragement for those in the tonsillectomy process. I enjoyed reading people's day by day reports and personal tips from their recovery process so I wanted to spread the wealth. I'll update it as recovery presses on.

A little background: I decided to get the tonsillectomy due to tonsil stones (Tonsilloliths). I had multiple bouts with strep throat and one good fight with scarlet fever as a child but never got the tonsils removed. Sadly my tonsils got cryptic and I had to clean tonsil stones daily. Anyone who has dealt with it knows that it isn't the most fun thing in the world. I'm 20 and still on my parent's insurance plan so we got an appointment scheduled with the ENT. I was pretty blunt with him and came in there with a pretty firm technical knowledge of my problem and asked if he could sign off on a tonsillectomy. He told me a lot of ENT's are "gunshy" about removing tonsils these days but he gladly takes them out for people dealing with tonsilloliths. He said he's taken tonsils out of a 67 year old woman for that exact problem. I was confident he was the right doctor for me so we got a tonsillectomy schedule for this past Friday (7 days ago).

I went into surgery with an extremely positive mindset. I don't know if there is any medical backing for this but I'm a firm believer that going into surgery with the mindset that it's going to go perfect and recovery will be a breeze (and keeping that attitude) will translate into results after the surgery. The nurses commented multiple times that I was one of their most fun patients. Hey, if I was a nurse I would want to have fun patients :P

They wheeled me back for surgery at 8:00. I was hooked up to all the IV and ready to be wheeled in for the anesthesia at around 8:30. Woke up feeling pretty groggy and immediately asked how the surgery went. The nurses said it went as planned and gave me some Sprite to drink. After an hour or so of monitoring to make sure everything was going as planned they released me to go home, hoorah. Here is a day by day account of what has happened post-op.

Day One (surgery): Felt great. Of course there was some mild throat pain and I had Roxicet (pain meds) running through my system. I was more annoyed because my htead felt stuffy and dizzy due to the anesthesia/meds as compared to the throat pain. I read up a lot about post-op eating habits and basically concluded that eating what you want is okay (within reason, no really sharp foods) as long as you can take the pain of swallowing. I also heard that eating is just as important as drinking because it keeps important nutrients in your system for quick recovery. My theme for recovery was, "More pain now, less later." I downed a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup, ice cream, a croissant and jello the first day. I was drinking water constantly. Oh, your uvula will probably be really swollen. Don't let it freak you out.

Day Two: Noticeable increase in pain during the second day. I wasn't miserable, but my throat was definitely telling my brain it had recently undergone some surgery. Kept taking my Roxicet every four hours as prescribed. I moved on to chicken noodle soup to get some vegetables in my system and also blended a peanut butter/banana/chocolate/protein powder/thin mint cookie shake which was really soothing and filled with calories. Croissants, pudding and ice cream were still my comfort foods. Water, of course, was flowing through my system. I had to pee a lot, which is a good thing.

Day Three: Another bump up in the pain. I realized when I woke up that it was always worse in the morning after a night of sleep. I also made the decision on day three to stop taking Roxicet and switch to extra strength Tylenol. I hate feeling like I'm not in control of myself and the Roxicet just made my head feel loopy. It was also making me constipated and I'm quite fond of working bowels. I also wanted to track the pain in my throat more precisely so I decided to suck it up and use Tylenol instead of the prescribed pain killers. I would only recommend getting off pain meds this early if you can still force yourself to deal with the pain of swallowing and still eat. No huge changes in my diet, I think I had a sloppy joe that night because I wanted some meat.

Day Four: Here is where recovery went from, "Hey I can take this" to "Wow this sucks". I have a pretty high pain but being off the Roxicet and having my scabs start to loosen was not enjoyable at all. Every time I swallowed it felt like knives were being jammed in my ears. Expect the ear pain, it will come. Just be ready for it when it does. Ice packs helped get me through the day. At this point you will be tempted to stop drinking and eating. DON'T STOP. The reason I'm feeling so good today (only 3 days later) is because I faced the pain and stayed well fed and hydrated. Seriously, push through the pain and take care of yourself. You will thank yourself for it later.

Day Five: Same as the day before except the knives were more like machetes when I woke up. Just a lot of ear and throat pain. I'm not going to sugar coat it; when your scabs start to fall off life just kinda sucks for a while. I kept eating well, took my Tylenol every 8 hours, and drank bottle after bottle of water. If you aren't urinating twice as often as normal you probably aren't drinking enough. You should be annoyed at how often you have to go to the bathroom. Hydration, from what I've experienced this past week, is the key to quick recovery. I had a burger, fries, and frosty from Wendy's for my diet on this day. Eating it was painful, but I got a lot of needed nutrients and the joy of eating some juicier food. By the end of this day the pain was starting to get noticeably better. By the end of the night I actually felt good enough to schedule a trip the next day up to Lexington, Kentucky (3 hours away) to visit some friends. Like I said, take care of yourself through the 48-72 hours of intense pain and you'll come out of it quicker.

Day Six: This was the first day I felt better then the day before when I woke up. Don't get me wrong, it's still painful to swallow and especially to sneeze; but I wasn't watching the clock waiting to take my next Tylenol. Woke up around 10:00 and packed for the trip up to Lexington. Drank water on the way up there and kept well hydrated. I chewed a lot of gum (both on this day and the days before) to keep my jaw loose and moist and to mask the icky breath from the scabs. I was able to eat some stromboli and another burger on this day. Again, it's not fun eating this stuff because it still hurts a lot to swallow. But eating good food keeps me with energy I need to recovery and keeps my spirits high.

Day Seven (Today): Another forward step away from the pain. Definitely felt a lot better today then I have before. Still have scabs but they get smaller and smaller by the end of each day. It's still the most painful waking up and immediately after eating, but it's a lot more bearable. If I am late for a dose of Tylenol it doesn't cause me much grief. Up until this point my speech was a little funny and I definitely found it easier to talk today. I'm in high spirits now as I write this because I can tell I'm on the upswing of recovery and it's only been a week!

Summary of Advice:
  • Drink a lot of water! When it hurts, drink. When it doesn't hurt, drink. When you think you can't drink, drink. If you throw up, drink. Drink, drink, drink. It's vital to recovery and you will thank yourself many times over
  • Don't wait to start eating. Get nutrients in your system as soon as possible and keep them streaming in. Avoid really sharp and scratchy foods so you don't chip away at your scabs early, but don't be afraid to eat.
  • Sleeping at an angle helped me feel better the next morning. If your uvula swells you will probably find it hard to sleep lying flat on your back because it will cover a lot of your throat.
  • Remember that you can make recovery basically painless if you just sit there and breath without swallowing or moving your mouth. But this will result in a long recovery. Fight through the hard days and realize that it will eventually get better! Your throat needs to be moist and active.
  • Have stuff to do. I distracted myself with movies and computer games. It helps a lot.
  • Last but not least, have people praying for you and checking in on you. It's encouraging and makes the recovery process less lonesome
I wish everyone the absolute best of luck with their surgery! I'm really glad I had it done. Yeah, the week has been kind of rough; but it's over now and all I can see is good days ahead. Happy recovery and if you have any questions feel free to ask :)


36 year old M.

I had the surgery on the 16th so this is day 5.
I'm taking Vicodin for the pain (Hycet Solution), Steroid for swelling and make healing go faster (Dexamethasone) and Antibiotics (azithromicyn). I also got benedryl for nausea but I did not have problem with that so never took it.

This combination seems to work really well as I'm feeling better every day. The pain really only gets bad in the morning or if I go too far in between vicodin shots... I had a lot of problems in the past with tonsilitis and the pain of swallowing is comparable to the worst days when I was sick in the past - at least so far, will see if this holds true around day 8...

I tried to move back to normal diet on the second day but I avoid hard foods. I took the advice of drinking lots of water from this forum, so far so good. My only worry right now is that I still not had a bowel movement since before the surgery. I think its because of the vicodin. I will talk to the doctor on the scheduled post-op visit on day 7.

I've got a Post-Op Instruction sheet from my doctor and there is something in it I wanted to share. It says "milk or milk products should be avoided for the first week after surgery to decrease mucus production" I found this really helpful. So no ice cream a creamsicles, mac and cheese and the likes. I found the mucus makes the first days really miserable so I avoid anything sugar in it and only drink water.

Red juices should be avoided because those paint everything red inside your mouth so it may be hard distinguish blood in the event of post op bleed.


I am now on day 6 post op of my tonsillectomy, which I had done March 17th. I expected to be in killer pain before my surgery and it is no dance on roses! In recovery at the hospital I threw up this green vomit which is the worst thing I have ever tasted in my entire life! This was probably because of no eating and heck of a lot of medicine! Threw up once more when I got home and since then I have not been having any nauseua, which I am so happy for!

Day two was not as bad and I thought I was one of the lucky ones who don't experience much pain. End of day three my ears started to hurt, waking up on day four was terrible. I was in sooooo much pain I was crying! The worst part is that people around don't seem to get how painful it is! I had my surgery done in Sweden and the pain meds I am on is not even close to adequate pain reliever. I am taking Paracetamol every six hours and a stronger medication called Diclofenac every 12 hours. And then some meds to decrease the risk of bleeding. The meds do no good. It takes about 3 hours for them to start work and then they last only 2hours. I guess I am not in as much pain as some of the people I have read about. But the pain that I do have is terrible. My ears are hurting now, I hope that means I am starting to get around the corner of getting better. One thing I find very helpful is chewing gum! I encourage everyone to do so, because it helps the jaws to loosen up and it hurts less. I have started to eat solid food again, but small portions and very soft food. trying to stay off dairy. I try to eat as much as I can during the times when it doesnt hurt that bad to swallow.

I hope you guys all will be better soon! I just wish this was gone already!!


I am on my 3rd day following coblation tonsillectomy.I am 23 years old/female. I had it done Thursday around noon. The first day was manageable. Not great, but manageable. When I woke up from surgery I was in some pain and they gave me some morphine. I was even able to eat mcdonalds on the way home from the hospital because I was on so many meds. Since then, it has gotten progressively worse every day. The Friday after surgery I decided to skip a dose of medicine, i am concerned about getting too dependent on them for sleep. BAD IDEA, I woke up the next day with blood on my pillow and horrible pain. Today has been the worst day so far. I woke up crying from the pain. It seems to be bothering my ears more than my throat at this point. And I have had the big white sores from day 1. I have found a sweet spot in all the pain though. I saw another poster said this as well, but I thought i would mention it. I take a heating pad and wrap it around my head (ears) and take a cold pack and put it under my neck. It feels so good. And as long as I am sitting up in bed (ears hurt worse when I lay down), it is manageable.

So here are my tips thus far

-dont skip your meds, even if you think you dont need them. It WILL catch up with you
-Put a heating pad around your ears and ice pack around your neck to sleep
-Try to sleep on an incline, this will help decrease the pain from the drainage
-Avoid ice cream. It coats the back of your throat and is very unpleasant. You get the urge to cough it up, but that is obviously very painful
-I have found the easiest thing to eat is kraft mac and cheese, just boil your noodles really well. And cool it off a ton before you eat
-Drink tons of ice water!


Hi all
I have been surfing the last few days due to lack of sleep after my surgery, trying to see how others went or are going through their recovery.

Planned operation: Tonsillectomy, Septum Deviation Surgery. I am 39.
Planned stay in hospital (here they make you stay a few days) 4 nights.

I went in the hospital last week Wednesday afternoon, as they wanted me there the night before the surgery to help me prepare. I checked in, did some paperwork and had my last solid food and was able to get some good sleep. I opted for a single room which I had to pay out of my own pocket.

I was woken at 8am for a sip of water and a pill to help me relax before the anesthesia. At 11 I was taken downstairs to the OP area where the Anesthesiologist met me and described a few things to me. The prior meds had already kicked in so I wasn't very lucid. Around 12 they wheeled me into the OP room and then I was told to inhale through a mask. After about 5 seconds, I felt a twitching in my body and I was out.

The next thing I remember is being woken up in the recovery room. A clock was on the adjacent wall and it read 2pm. I was out 2 hours. They originally said maybe an hour was all that I would need.

Anyway when I started to wake out of the anesthesia, I could hardly breath and felt blood slowly dripping down my throat, generally I felt pretty bad and dizzy, but no nausea or headache. I asked the nurse if she could prop my back up and this helped me get air better. The machine i was hooked up to said I was getting 95% Oxygen in my blood, so I was satisfied.

After an hour in recovery they brought me back to my room, and put ice pads behind my neck on on my throat which helped a bit but I was really warm for some reason. The nurse hooked my IV up with some cool meds but I wasn't able to sleep due to the nose being packed with the sponges and tubes running through them and the sore throat. I called my wife at home to tell her I was back in my room (she had to work that day).

Around 5pm the surgeon who did the OP came and visited me and was shaking his head and said "oh here is our difficult case". He wanted to send the tonsils he removed into Guinness World Record Book, he had never seen anything like them in the 30 years he has worked as an ENT. Then hammer fell.

He said it took longer because he first did the nose (no complications) and the went to the tonsils. After removing the tonsils, my complete soft pallet dropped (or folded) onto my throat and I wasn't getting any air. He had to raise everything up and it just fell again. He told me he had no other choice than to perform a UPPP on me without my consent. Otherwise I could have pretty much died during recovery. He assured me it was a partial UPPP, as my Uvula is still there, just shorter. That explained my difficulty breathing. My soft pallet was so swollen, I was actually getting less air than before the operation. I wasn't happy, but he said it will be in my benefit in the future. He also assured me that due to the UPPP, he had to sew up everything including the area where the tonsils used to be and this will alleviate a lot of the pain during recovery.

That night I got exactly 2 hours of sleep, the on-call DR game me pain killers (don't know which) and an anti-inflammatory shot over the IV and it was doing better. I woke up with blood and stuff on my cheeks down to my chin and my pillow had blood spots on it, all from the packing in my nose.

So now to shorten things:

Day 1(Friday):
Cold soups and pudding with tea and medicine: Ibuprofen 600mg, Amoxicilin each 3 time that day
Again no sleep, the tubes in my nose were so stuffed with blood, etc I had to breath out my mouth which wasn't cool. Pain was "bearable"

Day 2:
Same food pretty much. Was able to eat bread with spreadable cheese only if I had a mouth full of water.
Starting to get better. Only thing I was shown how to clear the tubes with lukewarm water and that helped for oh about 1 hour and they were stuffed again. Got 2 hours of sleep in the afternoon but woke up every time I breathed out my nose as the water in the tubes made a high-pitched whistle. Funny but annoying.Lots of water!

Day 3:
Had breakfast, and slept another 2 hours. Packed my stuff and "checked out". Thanked the staff as they were great.
My wife came to pick me up and I was able to then have the packing out of my nose removed! Wow AIR! First time in 30 years, I could breath out of both nostrils. It lasted about 5 hours and then they were stuffed up with mucous and blood again :-(

Went home slept 3 hours! Wow great. Pain was worse waking up but ok. Lots of water!

Day 4:
Ate scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, pudding but ice cream actually hurt! go figure. Took the last of the Ibuprofen they had given me. I was given Metamizol (note: I live in Germany and it is still used here, banned in USA since 1977) for pain relief afterwards but after reading the packaging, I refused to use it, instead relying on my OTC Ibuprofen I bought last year while visiting home in America. Went grocery shopping for thing I though I would be able to eat other than that, lazy day with DVDs and lots and lots of water and ice packs on my throat.

The NSAIDs got to my stomach and I got some MAJOR heartburn, went to the drug store and got some OTC acid relievers and then I was ok.

Day 5:
Bread and a little bit of sausage (spreadable) for breakfast,
pea-soup for lunch. Pain ok but taking Ibuprofen every 4 hours.

Day 6:
Stopped the Ibuprofen as my stomach was getting torn up. Eating same as 5. Almost no pain really at times. Ice cream still hurt though!

Day 7 (today):
Woke up with more pain than the last few days but probably due to me sleeping longer and even though my nose is getting clearer, I still breath through my mouth while sleeping, also out of 30-year habits.

Tomorrow I go in for my 1st post-op check-up. The ENT will take out the splints out of my nostrils and it should be better to breath through the nose.
I go back to work the Tuesday after Easter. Here in Gemrany, the DR writes you off sick for 2 weeks at least and then go from there. I get full pay and benefits even though I am not working. But I also pay 15% of my wages in the federal health care system.

All in all, a very annoying experience. I am curious how this UPPP works out in the short and long term. I don't miss the tonsils though. The septum repair was a piece of cake, I could have gone to work the Monday after surgery if it was only that done.

Sorry everything was so long-winded, I always write like this. Hope someone can benefit from my experiences. Did anyone else have a UPPP done? I was snoring my wife said before the operation but she didn't notice any apnea. I will do a sleep test in about 6 months with my ENT and see what came of it.

Wish everyone a speedy recovery!


I'm on day 5 post-op. 29 year old male (my b-day was yesterday). I greatly underestimated the pain I would go through AFTER surgury - I was moer scared of the surgury itself (which was a breeze - they froze my throat so I didn't feel a thing until I left the hospital.)

The Tylenol-3s the dr proscribed made me vomit since I couldn't eat, so I wasn't able to keep anything down for a full day until I stopped taking them. I switched to children's liquid tylenol and have been using anasthetic losenges (the same ones I would use when I'd get tonsilitis) to numb the throat.

I didn't expect to still be in pain 5 days later. I wish I had done more reasearch. Waking up the pain is the worst and then it subsides. I don't drink enough water, however. I can barely drink water so I get a couple of sips in then have to stop and when I go back to it it's become warm and I can't drink it at all. Getting up every hour or so for a couple of sips of water does not sit well with me.

After I learned that it was the codene making me vomit, I started eating pea soup, chicken broth and cream of wheat. I craved more solid foods because my body was telling me it was starving and needed more.

I managed to eat food yesterday and today. Started with a chef's salad with cucumbers, romaine lettus and PROCESSED meats (don't use fresh cooked meat - the grain on the meats are killer). It took me 30 minutes or so to eat because I had to chew thoroughly!

Slurpees have been a godsend - Canadian slurpees are not carbinated, so they are just soothingly cold (eat with a spoon, not a straw). If you live in the US - I would be scared to try a slurpee because I think the carbonation could sting.

Today I've started eating scrambled eggs to keep my protien up. I no longer feel 'malnourished' my body is telling me I'm doing the right things now food-wise I just need to keep hydrated better, which is a challenge (I was never good at keeping hydrated to begin with)


I'm 18, and got my tonsils out yesterday. Only slept an hour or so each time last night, stayed overnight in hospital. Got more codeine, neurofen, and panadol whenever I was allowed.
I ate some of the dinner provided, but gave most of it to my visitors, and got my boyfriend to buy me a milkshake, which was really soothing. They gave me a little 375mL bottle of juice, which is quite acidic, I don't know why they'd do that to me. I've been adding lemonade and water to it, and I still have half a bottle 24 hours later. Been keeping up my water.
I had 4 or 5 lemonade ice blocks while I was in.

The toast they gave me at the hospital was cold and hurt my teeth. None of the other breakfast did that to me - I had 2 cups of coffee, a couple of slices of canned fruit and a yoghurt.

Back home now. My pain got up to 6.5-7/10 and I was throwing up.
Tried some toast with soup. The toast hurt my teeth again, but it was good to have some food. It hurt, but I don't regret it.

I regret the jelly bean I tried to eat though. I started chewing it and had to spit it out because my teeth were so sore.

The nurse told me to eat as normally as I could. So I'm trying as hard as I can, but I feel so ill.


Hi everyone. I am a 29 year old female, and much like some of the other posts I've read, I've been up at night unable to sleep and surfing the web to read up on some other people's experiences with this. I had my tonsils removed exactly a week ago-Friday April 3rd. I used to have terrible tonsil infections as a child, and numerous bouts of strep and tonsilitis, but my doctor's would never take my tonsils out. They always said they stopped infection from going into your chest. From having so many throat infections as a kid, I developed crypts in my tonsils that became deeply pitted, and those disgusting foul-smelling tonsil stones. Every night for years before bed I had to swab my tonsils with q-tips to get the smelly gross stones out...EW! *shudder* Finally, I quit smoking this past year, and within my first 6 months of quitting, I got strep throat 3 times. I begged my family doctor to refer me to a good ENT to find out about a tonsillectomy and he did. After meeting with the doctor, and hearing about the procedure, down time/recovery/ pain, etc, I decided to go through with it. I've been through alot of pain, primarily in the past 3 years-I was hit by a car in 2006(I was a pedestrian)and broke my left arm up badly an fractured my pelvis and suffered a brain injury...I had an ovarian torsion when I was 2 months pregnant....I gave birth to my daughter in 2007(via c-section though)....I figured, sh*t. I can handle this. This should be a piece of damn cake given everything I've already been through. OH. MY. GOD. was I wrong! :-(

The day of surgery i began to get a bit nervous, but overall it was nothing. I was out before I knew it and waking up in recovery. I had a sore throat, but nothing terrible. I requested my pain medication be in liquid form though because I couldn't see trying to swallow at all. My uvula(the punching bag thingy at the back of your throat)was very swollen, and felt like it filled my entire throat up, so it made it hard to swallow anything-even liquids-the first few days. It was so swollen it hung down far and touched the back of my tongue. Luckily I didn't gag from that, but again, it made eating/drinking/swallowing anything difficult. It went down after a few days though. I was given liquid Roxicet for pain and like some other peoples posts I've read-it definitely burns going down! Especially now that the scabs have come off some/are still coming off.

The worst pain has been lately though. The first few days were kind of miserable, but I mostly slept and ate sugar free banana popsicles and drank plenty of ice water and clear Gatorade. I'd eat a bit of veggie broth here and there(I'm vegan, so my food options are limited/altered compared to many people's), and when I was able to swallow better, some very salty french fries were always nice-the salt definitely helps the pain, although to eat a small plate of them took me an hour+ because I had to chew them to mush and follow each bite with ice water.

I'm in college now, as is my boyfriend, and we have a daughter turning 2 this summer, o it's been hard, but he's been great. I missed a few classes, because like I said-I figured this wouldn't be so bad given all the pain I've been through in the past and I'd be back in classes no sweat-WRONG! But he's been taking care of our daughter when I need to sleep and making me soup an getting me popsicles since I've been eating them like it's my job. My first day going back to class I had a rather frightening experience though...between classes I came home to nap(my boyfriend and mother have been driving me around since I'm on pain meds). I had another class in the evening. I awoke from my nap coughing and gagging a little, which I'd been doing upon waking, but this time I coughe up a HUGE mouthful of blood. I swallowed a bunch at first and then tasted it and realized what it was and spit some out and ran downstairs in a panic to have my boyfriend call my doctor. The scabs were coming off, but luckily the bleeding stopped. It was scary though. But I remembered my doctor saying this could happen, and although I'd been drinking alot because I was told keeping hydrated would help you not bleed, my throat had become dry from sleeping. That's another thing-when you first wake up from sleeping/nap/etc., it'll hurt BAD, being your throat is dry from sleep. Keeping water by your bed helps some though. ALso, when my throat bled, I recalled my doctor telling me to drink/flush my mouth with ice-cold water, because it would help the bleeding stop(if it wasn't too serious), and I did just that which definitely helped alot and made it stop. So if you bleed when some of the scabs come off, give it a try before you really panic!

Another big help I've found is applying ice packs to your neck. It really seems to soothe. I do this every day when I first wake up before my pain meds kick in and every night before bed for a bit. I'm a tiny person to start (5'6" and all of 110 lbs), and have lost 8 lbs since my surgery eating nothing but veggie broth, sugar free popsicles and french fries when I can tolerate it. I also made a trip to the local health food store and got some slippery elm throat lozenges and tea called "throat coat" with slippery elm, mallow root and licorice, which seems to really help too. But man...I want a huge vegan burrito from Chipotle soooooo bad! I know it's gonna taste amazing when I can really EAT again haha! :-(

So far it's been pretty miserable though. I'm hoping I feel more back to normal within another week. I have times when I'm in so much pain I just want to start bawling like a baby, and some days I'm not half bad. I think I've been talking too much though considering I jut had this surgery, so perhaps I should stick to writing more haha, but I'll keep drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and do my best i guess. I also think I may ask my doctor for a different type of pain medication or at least a pill form now that I can swallow better, because the roxicet burns and seems to aggravate the pain before helping to alleviate it any.

I wish everyone else luck with thier recovery though. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated-even some clear/light-colored gatorade is good because of the sodium/potassium/etc in it, so you don't become dehydrated. Ice packs, ice water-eat what you can because that helps-especially salty foods help the pain alot. And get plenty of rest! I hope everyone feels better soon-including me! *hugs*




I am on day 7.
I did not have a bowel movement until day 6.
Now I'm poopin all the time :-D