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Might Seroquel or Thioradazine have any relationship to the below results:

CLINICAL DATA: MVA 12-20 now c/o lbp 959.19

FULL RESULT: Examination: 3 views of lumbar spine.

Comparison: None

Findings: There are 5 nonrib-bearing lumbar vertebral bodies. The
vertebral body heights and sagittal alignment is maintained. There
is severe disc space narrowing at L5-S1 with concomitant facet
arthrosis. No osseous lesions are noted. The soft tissues are
unremarkable. Limited evaluation of the pelvis demonstrates
unremarkable SI joints.

IMPRESSION: Marked disc space loss at L5-S1 with concomitant facet


No. These medications do not effect your result. Basically it says there is some damage to the disks between L5-S1. This is at the small of your back just above your buttocks. These medications are generally for psychiatric illness, mood stabilization, etc.. And do not cause an injury like that. The injury is likely mild and from wear and tear over time, heavy lifting or strain and the symptom is an arthritis- inflammation type of pain in the low back. I hope this helps.