I had the Depo-Shot for my second-time, I had a period on my first, now I'm spotting, but last week I had just gotten off of anti-biotics that I had been taking for two weeks! I had unprotected sex everyday the next two weeks right when I started the anti-biotics. I didn't know anti-biotics lessens the effect, until my mom mentioned to me. Now I have excesive coughing, blurred vision/dizziness, spotting, nausea, moodyness, an irate sore pain in my left hip/side, strange feelings in my left-side abdomen, constipation, fatigue, runny nose, and I went to go pee when I was done I got up to wipe and very watery discharge poured out onto the floor as I got up. WHAT IS GOING ON! Do you think I'm pregnant, I just turned 16, help me, please! :'(