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Hi, I'll explain the situation..

3 weeks ago, i was given a course of antibiotics for a suspected infection of an airway since i was coughing up dark green phlegm
anyway, i took them and things were getting better, i also took another set of anti biotics to get rid of a fungal infection down below and that went...
when i did have the infection, i had a mild sore throat that was just dry sore and itchy (typical to a cold)
now.. it feels like i have hair stuck in my throat (and it wont pass down), and the actual swallowing and lining of roof is sore when ever i swallow although it feels tender anyway without swallowing
it feels also very dry too, does anybody have any suggestions? if its viral or bacterial? thanks


I am on the 7th day of 10 days of 450 mg of Clindamycin 4 times a day, and 14 days of 100 mg of Doxycycline 2 times a day.

My throat is raw and sore, and it is uncomfortable to swallow. I have that lump in the throat feeling too.

I either had a bacterial infection (bacterial test came back inconclusive) or Lymes Disease. That is why I am on two meds.


Especially after airline flights or long exposure to air conditioning.
Doctor can't diagnose what it is.

Has put me in hospital with drips and things Must be a problem lots of people experience


hi rightsaidfred

i cant believe i have finally found somebody with the same symptons as s my story;

in august 2007 i started with a sensation of having a hair lodged in the back of my throat...this developed into a dry sore mouth, especially on the upper palate and top of the throat (near and behind the tonsils) and the feeling of a lump on the right side of my throat. coupled with this i also started to get small ulcers on my gums which would appear and then disappear just as quickly...i visited my doctor, went to my ENT UNIT, had the camera up the nostril, down the throat etc...i was then given meds to treat a fungal infection...course finished and still no difference in my condition. a further visit to the hospital ENT dept and i was diagnosed with GORD/GERD. now, i must say, i do get indigestion, really badly and shocking heartburn but not really all the classic symptoms that go with this condition...i smoke...much too much!! and use ventolin inhalers for asthma. so here i am typing this in march 2009 and still the symptoms are there, neither better nor worse apart from the ulcers which are no longer troubling me (maybe these were an unconnected problem...

i take regular doses of indigestion medicine to prevent my heatburn but this has not reduced my condition at all which makes me suspect that the two things arent linked. i dont tend to lose my voice, i can summon up saliva, and have little difficulty with eating. drinking tea and smoking exacerbates the problem...drinking water/juice helps the problem in the short term. the sore throat is much worse in the mornings and tends to get better throughout the day until evening arrives and the condition worsens again...

if you have found out anything significant since your last posting i would be most grateful if you would share your experiences with me and i will gladly do the same for you. as it is, after countless hours of trawling the net ive failed to come up with anything that i actually put my finger on to get to the root of this problem...

regards, Mr Thom

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