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I am a 23 year old girl, for about the past 4-6 weeks my stomach has grown and is very distended in the past couple weeks it hasn't gotten any bigger. I first noticed some dull pain in my lower abdomen (kind of right sided, nothing severe) and lately I have been noticing twinges all around my belly button which is much higher than where it started. Yesterday morning I felt a firm bump towards the left of my belly button. This lump has moved around since the beginning, sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. I use the withdrawl (pull-out) method with my fiancé, and thought maybe I could be pregnant but I have so far done 2 tests that have been negative. I don't really have a lot of preg. symptoms oustide of all of the twinges and bump in my stomach, also I pee OFTEN, more than normal. I had my last period on Sep. 8th that was very heavy (not normal for me) one day and gone the next. This was followed by pink discharge about a week later. I have a doctor's apt. Oct. 17 but I have such mixed symptoms and pressure in my stomach. Any help would be much appreciated.


you know that is how my symptoms were for a ovarian cyst and my pants all got too small plus i was constantly craving gatorade which is very odd for me.The doctors put me on a strong birth control which is not helping.I would really appericate it if you would let me know what the docs told you that it was. And i know that this may be personal but did u hurt after sexual intercourse across ur lower half? please help me find answers if you have any!thanks