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Last night @ 2AM I was doubled over with abdominal pain, concentrated on the lower right side. Sweating profusely but no vomiting tho I felt close to it. Had a very slight fever. After about 20 crueling minutes it subsided. This morning I felt a little tender to the touch but was able to walk around without pain. Now, at 1:00 PM my abdomin is distended and I have kind of a 'stitch' on my right side between my right hip and belly button which comes and goes.

Could I have passed a stone? This happened once before 10 years ago but I didn't have any repercussions the next day. It feels more intestinal since the 'discomfort' moves around (tho concentrated onthe right side)

Any ideas?


Im 17 weeks pregnant and was having the same kind of feeling last week so I went to the ER. I have kidney stones...The pain still comes and goes, but I can't tell if it's the stretching in my stomach or the stones...

Sucks either way.