Okay so I would love a little advice. I am a night shift veteran, working 17 years the 7pm-7am shift. 1.5 years ago I made the switch to dayshift and sleep has been absolute hell. I’ve always been a night owl, so I’ve always had to take something to help my insomnia. I am a big gal, 5’10 about 240(gasp!) and sometimes I feel like the 300mg of Diphenhydramine I Take will kill me. I’m always quick to tell my husband “if I die in my sleep, tell everyone it was a total accident.” Some days I take my dose and about an hour later I go to sleep and sleep great. Other nights I take my dose and I’ll be up all night. I’m up to 6 pills a night and they’re 50mg a piece. Does anyone on here know of any awful side effects such as organ failure for chronic use of this drug? I haven’t found any studies on it like with renal failure with NSAID use, so I was wondering if someone could shed some light. I worry bc I was treated for AKI (acute kidney injury) due to NSAIDs. (Horrible back pain, ate IB’s like skittles. I worry about renal failure. This post was ENTIRELY too long so I do apologize. Any info or advice is mucho appreciated. Thanks all!