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Hi, So this past month of November, my period was way earlier than normal. I've been on birth control for over a year and a half now and I haven't had any issues until now. In October my period started on my normal cycle (when my birth control makes it). The following month, my period started agaiin two weeks earlier than it was supposed to. It was normal flow and normal length of time as my pervious periods. I kind of just ignored it and decided that maybe it was just nature or something. Last week was the last week of pills in my birth control pack (the week my period is supposed to start) and I didn't have my period. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex the week before last on Wednesday. He did not finish inside or on me at all. I haven't missed or skipped any of my pills all month and I am continuing on a new pack this month. Could I be pregnant? I haven't had any symptoms at all but the fact that I'm not on schedule stresses me out. Should I be worried? Please help.


Hi well the pregnent part I don't think you are but there is always the pre-ejaculation you need worry about, but what it seems to me is that your body is getting use to itself after you had sex. My aunt told me that even when your regular and you have sex it throws your body out of wack. So it's adjusting to the changes. When your also turned on like alot. It postpones your period.