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8 hours each night? That's Ludacris! Or is it? Learn how you can get on a great sleep schedule with these few steps.

Getting the required amount of sleep as an adult can be hard. Our lives are filled with constant distractions and responsibilities, and often sleep is the thing that suffers to make room for it all. As an adult, we’re supposed to get at least 7-8 hours of restful seep each night, did you know that? Now ask yourself, how many hours do you get? Probably not 7, and definitely not 8.

But how can you get on a proper sleep schedule and stick to it? There are a few techniques, some better than others. But we’ll list the most common ways here for you to try out. With these 6 simple steps, you should have yourself programmed into a proper sleep routine in no time.

1) Remain consistent

2) Take small steps

3) Lights Out

4) Wake up to the sun

5) Stop snoozing

6) No more late-night eating

Things You Need to Help Along the Way

  • A loud alarm clock

A loud sounding alarm will be sure to wake you in the morning. Some are made with “gentle” sounds, so be sure you have one that’s good and loud.

  • Oodles of patience

Like anything in this world, nothing happens overnight. So keep that in mind when trying to make a major life change like this.

  • A sleep mask

You know those satin masks that cover your eyes while sleeping? They’re not as silly as they look. They can really help in this situation, especially if you have a bright room.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to ease yourself into a sleep routine without really noticing. Perfect for those who have a busy life.

Step One: Remain Consistent

Our bodies are developed to have something called an eternal clock. It’s true. By doing things a certain way, at certain times each day, you’re actually programming your body like a clock. Your body knows when to wake up and when to go to sleep as well as when mealtimes are. Funny, isn’t it? We’re no more than machines. But any machine can be reprogrammed.

So if you find yourself sleeping into late, not able to wake on time, and you’re then staying up late at night, you need a better sleep schedule. You need what scientists call a circadian rhythm.

Start going to bed at the same time each night, and then waking at the same time each morning. It will be hard at first, especially the waking up part, but after one week, your body will be reprogrammed.

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