Would taking the sugar pills from my birth control pack a couple days earlier (than I'm supposed to take) start my period sooner? that's what I'm hoping it will do.. I'd like my period to arrive a couple days earlier than it normally does because I'll be going on a big trip later next week & don't want to have to deal with my period/feeling crappy. (basically i'd be due by next tues, but I want it to come by sunday or so). Does taking the sugar pills & then the lower dose pills make the period come a couple days early?? I suspect after i drop down to sugar pills it will make my period come? I've DELAYED a period a couple times in the past by using the next pack of white pills (I rarely do it, as I know it's not good for you to do it all the time). But in this case, I don't want to do that for several reasons. I need to bring it just a few days EARLY (again, i do NOT want to delay it).. I take Kariva (generic for Mircette). basically normal dose white pills, 2 sugar pills & 5 lower does blue pills at end of each pack. Thx for input/experience!