I have been on Loestrin (sp?), Ortho Tri Cyclen, Yasmin and now Yaz. Loestrin caused nasty yeast infections. Ortho worked well for me, but new doctor recommended Yasmin and it worked well as well, cleared up acne completely (Ortho helped, but never completely cleared). Doctor accidently wrote prescription for Yaz instead of Yasmin a couple years later and I decided to try it after reading about it and talking to the nurse. It was fine, no changes (no acne). Then, I got off of it for five months (ready to start trying for a baby) and acne reappeared. I just started taking it again (DH not ready for baby) and acne is worse than ever. Seems crazy. Hopefully it will clear up sooner rather than later (I'm getting ready to start the 4th week of the first pack).