I had a failed fusion 5/07, which made me much worse than before, & my research since is showing that this operation has a very high failure on women like me w/osteoartritis especially a multilevel. The3/4 level was stripped but too fragile to instument, in fact chart says it is fractured. I wasn't given a bone stimulator, had an ill fitting brace, now have right leg &foot pain, numbness, was never told to do PT.I am in CONSTANT pain, & cannot get adequate meds due to the war on drugs. The surgeon quit, & when I got my chart it has many entries about my overuse of drugs, which is completely untrue. I would like others in this no win situation to join with me in a class action suit against the Orthopedic Society for doing this much damage to the public with this operation. They hit and run with this and each operation is at least 40,000.00. And most of us have to have revisional surgery, at our own expense. Thank you.