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Hang in there with the pain situation. I'm 7 months post injury and 2 weeks ago was still in constant pain while on my foot and was limping considerably. The last 2 weeks I've seen a drastic reduction in pain. It still hurts, especially first thing in the morning or after I've been off it for a fairly extended period of time, but it feels so much better than it did. I'm also not limping much at all anymore.

I return to the doctor for x-rays in 3 weeks to see if everything is staying stable after all the screws were removed. The doc says to keep in mind that this is a severe injury and that the foot will never feel "normal" again. He says we'll continue to monitor the pain and stability of the bones in the foot until 12-18 months post injury, then see if fusion is needed because of arthritis.

I'll also tell you that even though the pain has greatly improved in the last few weeks, I still can't run, jump, or push off from the ball of my foot. The doc says I can try anything I can tolerate, but right at the moment, there is no way I can do any of it.


Hi, this is my first time posting to this forum, although I've been reading here on and off since my Lisfranc injury at the beginning of August. (WOW this has been one long string of closed threads, trying to get to *here* at the most current posts!!) I've been very discouraged to see how long and difficult the process has been for so many of you. It seems that this is an injury that causes most people to have at least some degree of ongoing debilitation and pain, and I'm having a hard time getting my head around the fact that this may be a lifelong problem to deal with. *sigh*

My injury occurred on 8/5 at about 2:45am when I fell off my porch trying to get my cat to come inside. I landed on my left foot with it rotated to the inside, and definitely heard and felt it snap. After I crawled back to the door and yelled for my husband I went to the ER where I was I was told I had a very obvious Lisfranc fracture, and I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon.....who it turned out is a specialist in this injury, luckily.

The next day I saw the surgeon. After having weight-bearing xrays in the office, my surgeon told me I had about a 5cm separation between my first and second metatarsal, and that all five metatarsals his dislocated and fractured....both to the left and upward inside my foot. He told me I had basically amputated the front half of my foot on the inside, and that the only thing "holding it on" was skin and tissue. UGH. He scheduled me for an MRI that same morning, and surgery the following morning.

I had ORIF surgery on 8/7, where he put in 5 screws and 3 pins to put my foot back together, as well as cleaned out numerous bone fragments. I went home that afternoon and kept my foot up on mounds of pillows for the next 2.5 weeks. Luckily I had the Beijing Olympics start the day after surgery to keep my mind occupied for a while!

On 8/25 I had the surgical splint and dressings removed, as well as the stitches, and was told I could finally wash my foot and leg. (YAY, so happy to be able to get it CLEAN!!) I was VERY happy to see and "feel" my foot again, and feel "ownership" of it had been feeling like this big blob I was just hauling around. I was also VERY happy to be rid of the $%*!! splint, it caused soooo much pain in my heel from the pressure of my foot resting on it. I was put into the infamous big black boot, and told I needed to be non-weight-bearing for at least 7-8 weeks from surgery. Then the three pins are supposed come out around that time, and all the screws but one should come out around 5-6 months post surgery. One tiny screw that reattached a cornflake size chip of bone to the first metatarsal will probably stay in.

I go back to the doctor on 9/22, which is next Monday, and I anticipate we'll schedule the pin removal at that point and discuss what happens next. I know there will be some PT, as well as gradually adding weight-bearing a little at a time. I think I remember him saying he anticipates I should be fully walking by 3.5 months post surgery....which is right around Thanksgiving. I'm truly looking forward to this next appointment so I can feel like I'm making some progress....instead of just sitting around waiting for the time to pass.

It's been a VEEERY LOOONG six weeks so far, as I'm sure everyone can relate to. The isolation and loneliness has been awful, even though I've had great family and friends to help. But everyone else has their own lives, you know? And THEY are able to walk wherever they want to!!! (And quickly I might add!) I never thought so much about walking, and how what a privilege it was to just casually get up and move wherever I wanted, when I wanted.....until now.

I've also struggled with just feeling useless, since it's impossible to do much for yourself or anyone else when you're on crutches!! And as the wife and mom who is used to taking care of everyone and running errands it's hard to have to have everyone else do it all while you just....sit. My husband and two kids have been wonderful, but I'm sure they're tired of waiting on me and having to help with every little thing. It's been especially frustrating since my home is a split room/kitchen on the main floor, bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floor, laundry room and my studio in the basement. Many days it's just not worth the effort to get down the stairs away from the bedrooms/bathrooms, you know? And I'm tired of not having my independence!!! I've been cleared to drive, since it's my left foot that's injured, but it's really not worth the effort to get out and go anywhere by myself since I have to be on crutches....and my RIGHT hip is just screaming in pain after about 5 minutes of standing on it. I do get out once in a while if someone can go with me and haul my wheelchair out of my car and push me around in it, but that's pretty infrequent.

Okay, whine over!! But again.....the isolation and loneliness and boredom are pretty much as difficult as the injury itself. But then, I know I'm not telling any of you anything you don't already know VERY WELL for yourselves.

I hope to keep up with this board and check in with you all often to see how you're doing. As much as you would NEVER wish this on anyone, it's nice to know you're not alone out and there are people out there who understand what you're experiencing!


P.S. Sorry this got so long! Next time I won't be so long-winded!


Hello Ashleymom,

Thank you for the kind words. This is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I am finally coming to terms that my life will be altered. How much gets altered remains to be seen. Some emails with othrs have helped, but the best thing for my head has been talking to others on the phone. All I did was post my email earlier and others have replied with "call me now" "I need to vent". It has been really cool and benificial to both parties. So bottom line is email if someone needs to.

Thanx again To Fusion -- lots of good info and help.

I hope all go pain free someday



8 months since injury and 5 months since hardware removed. Got green light from Dr. to do impact activities and racquetball. Foot feels better and I am finally at point that I don't think it about it anytime I'm weight bearing. It's still stiff in morning. I am still wearing a shoe insert which Dr. recommends for me to continue. GGB


Injuried my foot on 8-25-08 while golfing. Slipped on wet grass and turned it oddly. Emergency room said sprain and aced it and gave me the icing regiment and f/u with ortho guy in a week. Ortho doc looked and xrayed it and said not fracture but significant damage to the area and put me in boot cast. Also said that fracures may not show for a few weeks due to amount of swelling and sent me to specialist.

Specialist looked at it one week later and more xrays. No fractures appeared but still "significant " damage to the area with no displacemens of the bone. he sent me for a CScan of the foot later that week. Week later got the results of the cscan and guesss what??? Four fractures in the 1st and 2nd metatarsals. her said it looks stable so no surgery but be preapared for a long recovery. I asked how long and he would not commit ("Everyone heals different")

Put me in a hard cast and here I sit. It has been five weeks since the injury and another two weeks before I get my next follow up. On crutches and non weight bearing since day one. I was driving up until i saw the specialist who told me that all it takes is one mistake and we would be talking surgery. I kinda knew what he was talking about because I was driving left footed and a car pulled out in front of me and by reflex, I hit the brake with my bad foot and the pain was bad and I was not able to press hard enough to stop. Luckily, I avoided the accident and was on way but it was scary. Can't drive, can't work, can't do nothing.

Hope I am back in the boot on 10-09 but have to wait and see. The boot sucks but it is better then the cast anyday.

Thats my story to this point. i guess i was lucky to avoid surgery but this thing is a pain the you know what.


Hi All, I'm a newbie to this board and was wondering if anyone has had any experience of a very late lisfranc diagnosis.

I injured my foot at the beginning of July and was initially discharged from the accident and emergency dept of a hospital near where I work with a pair of crutches and instructions to bear weight on the foot as soon as I was able.

5 days later the hospital telephoned to say they had spotted something in my x-ray during their cold review and could I go back to them or to my nearest A&E? I opted to go to my local A&E, where they x-rayed the foot again and couldn't find anything wrong. They then rang the first hospital and asked them what they should be looking for. After that, they came and told me I had a suspected lisfranc, put my leg in a cast and told me not to bear any weight on it.

3 days later I went back to A&E as the cast was rubbing against my foot, making it very sore. They reapplied the cast and, as it was quiet, they took me through the injury and showed me the problem area on my x-ray.

2 days later I attended the fracture clinic, where a doctor took all of nine seconds to decide it wasn't lisfranc. He also said he ought to do a CT scan and a stress x-ray, but then immediately said he wasn't going to as there was no need! He removed the cast and sent me home with instructions to bear weight on the foot as soon as possible. He told me to get my GP to arrange physiotherapy, which I did. He gave me a follow up appointment and told me to phone up in two weeks time to cancel it as I would be better by then.

4 weeks later I went to my follow up appointment as I was still unable to walk properly and could not bear much weight on the foot. I saw a different doctor this time, who rapidly skimmed through my notes, told me to wear more supportive footwear and to return in 6 weeks for a final x-ray.

6 weeks later, I went back to the fracture clinic with a foot that still couldn't bear a lot of weight or go down stairs at all. A different doctor again; this one told me that my previous consultant had left and he strongly disagreed with the diagnosis and treatment to date. Aargh! He said in his opinion it definitely was lisfranc and that I may have damaged the foot further with the previous treatment and physiotherapy. He also said it was too late to worry about immobilising the foot, but that I must bear as little weight as possible on it and ordered and MRI scan.

That was a week ago and I'm currently anxiously waiting for the MRI appointment!

Is my foot going to suffer arthritis and other nasty stuff as a result of all this conflicting advice? :-( Any advice/reassurance is gratefully accepted, thanks.

Forgot to say, I'm from the UK :-)


Based on all I have read on this injury, which has been volumes since my may 2008 diagnosis, misdiagnosed and undiagnosed lisfranc injuries present the worst outcomes.
Surgical repair involves closing the spaces created in the dislocation. Their presence predicts, among other unpleasant conditions, arthritis.
I'd recommend consulting with a number of reputable orthopedic specialists until some concensus is reached about the best course of treatment for your specific injury. Considering how profoundly the outcome of treatment will affect your quality of life, it would be a worthy investment.
-Former (3 month) monped : )


6.5 moths post op. still having alot of pain in the midfoot. With all the research I have done( and its a lot) and from meeting with the 2 best foot/ankle specialist in New England, the best option for QOL and pain relief is Fusion. Fusing the 1st cuneiform to the second cuneiform and met. is in my future. I cannot enjoy life when you have to think about every step you take. If your in the same boat, then do all the google searches you can and check out the stats of fusion vs ORIF, they will blow you away. I know people who can jog, jump, play sports with a eused midfoot. Right now I can not even walk without pain and I dont even have arthritis yet.


First off, I just want to say that I have derived a great deal of comfort and inspiration from all of the postings I have read on this site. Like all of you, I have experienced first-hand the pain and isolation that this injury inflicts. I have fought against self pity and the fears that I would not regain the life I once had and the physical freedom with which I approached that life. Believe me -- many-a-morning did I wake up and cringe as I put my foot down, wondering if I would ever take a pain-free step again.
My injury occurred in June, 2007. I am an Active Duty Member of the military, and suffered the break while serving overseas. I broke and/or dislocated all of the metatarsals in my right foot. Fortunately, it was an "intact" (vice compound) fracture with (miraculously) no accompanying nerve damage. I was very lucky in that the injury was diagnosed immediately, and an ORIF performed by an extremely talented specialist. I had 4 screws inserted and 2 external pins, and upon seeing my X-rays my family joked that I had "Frankenstein's Foot."
The pins were removed in September 2007 and the screws in early October. My Rehab regimen began in mid November, and progress was very-much slow and incremental. My gait was awkward and I walked with a fairly noticeable limp for almost 6 weeks post-hardware removal.
By January, I was doing light jogging without pain under the close supervision of a physical therapist.
My recovery culminated yesterday, and I am both happy and proud to report that I finished my first half-marathon since the injury occurred. I finished in 1 hour, 56 minutes, 43 seconds (a personal best) and while I woke up this morning a little stiff, my foot feels good and I am now primed to take the next step and commence training for my first Olympic Triathlon.
I hope this this news delivers some measure of inspiration and comfort to all of you. While the road has not been easy, there IS richness and fulfillment to life for those who have suffered this debilitating injury. Keep faith and continue to fight for the life you had before you ever knew what a "Lisfranc injury" was.
With profound admiration and Respect,


Hello, I've read these forums a lot since I broke my leg badly. I thought maybe i could give my story too. Don't know if this is good to read or not but anyways:

I had a motorcycle accident in summer 3 months and 2 weeks ago. A car came from right and my leg got crushed between car's spoiler and my bike. A bone came out from my left side of foot. Well, I was delivered to hospital by an ambulance. They took x-rays and those magnetic photographs from my leg. I was put in sleep for surgery. When i woke up i had my leg opened from many places for reducing pressure.
I got treated with external and internal fixation(Inside my foot i have 7 screws and 1 pin). I was in hospital for 3 weeks and i got skin placed to my foot from thigh. Skin replacements healed completely in about 2 months. Also external fixation was removed after 2 months. After external fixation i had soft cast which i was able to remove for shower and i didnt need to use it inside. Also doctor said i could bear 20kg weight to my leg( my bodyweight is 98kg). Anyway my leg was completely painless and bearing 20kg didn't hurt at all. After 3 months and 1 week I had a new x-ray(i had to bear that 20kg for better picture). After x-rays doctor told me that the bones have healed in time and now i can bear all weight when i have that feeling.
Okay so i got home and tried to walk with only one of my cruches. Well it hurted a lot ofcourse but anyways i was able to do it. Now I have practiced almost week my ankle and i have been walking indoors only with one cruch. If i walk carefully with exact position it doesnt hurt almost at all, altough im walking with flat foot(i dont lift my heel). I hope that most of the pain is because i havent used my foot for so long time. Im going to buy orthos this week, they should also relief pain.
Oops i dint tell what exactly was my injury, well i dont understand doctors language myself but i have been told that my lisfranc joints and bones were fragmentally broken from many places.
Sorry for my limited english skills , hopefully you can understand what im writing :-D I will be writing here some news and I'm giving my hopes for everyone with lisfranc, walking is really important for all of us.


Hi all you fellow Lisfranc-ers!
I wish I had known about this board and all the stories posted here. Here's my story....

I injured my left foot on 7/4/08 in a car accident. It was a pretty bad Lisfranc fracture/dislocation plus a talus fracture. I had to wait for the swelling to go down for surgery, and two weeks later I had surgery (7/17/08 ) with eight pins put in place. I was bed-bound anyway from other injuries (both legs broken in a total of six places) so was in a fiberglass cast for a week or two. Since then I've been wearing a cam walker as a cast (not walking in it).

Currently I am 3.5 months post surgery, and the rest of my pins come out tomorrow!! So excited!! Earlier this month the dr took out two of the pins because they were poking out of my foot. I have been non-weightbearing the entire time. Going on week 10 of crutches and man, will I be glad to be done with them eventually! (I was in the hospital for a month and then in a wheelchair for a couple weeks also, which is why the timeline doesn't add up).

After reading all your experiences, I am surprised now at my lack of pain. The pin sites where the metal is close to the skin get sore and I have plenty of numb, nerve-damaged areas, but overall pain doesn't bother me lately. I think this has been true for the past 6 weeks at least. I expect to be sore after surgery as I was the last time.

My surgeon tells me that I will be able to weight bear as tolerated but that I shouldn't push myself. As a runner, hiker, and rock climber this will be supremely difficult but I realize that it could cause lots of problems down the line.

Does anyone know if my lack of discomfort at this point is a good sign? Will return to activity be quicker? Anyone experience it get *worse* after this point in the sequence of events? I'm a 24-yr-old female.

Thank you, and like I said, I wish I had found you all earlier!! :-)


10 months since lisfranc injury. back to running, racquetball, and normal activities. Foot is still a little stiff sometimes but no pain.


Well, I'm thoroughly scared to death now lol. I injured my foot on Nov 9. Was told by the ER doc that I had fractured my 3rd metatarsal. Followed up with an ortho doc (actually a PA) on Nov 11 who, when looking at my x-rays, found a fracture on my 2nd metatarsal and sent me for a CT scan because he also suspected a Lisfranc injury. Followed up on Nov 16 with what I call a "rent a doc" (he was filling in for a week) who didn't feel comfortable making the decision on whether or not I should have surgery. Was called into the office this past Thurs by the PA who told me that the regular surgeon also doesn't feel comfortable making the call on whether or not I should have surgery. Sooooo, tomorrow I'm going 2 hours away from my home to a foot specialist and I'm scared to death he's gonna say I need surgery. I have very little, if any, pain (no pain at all on the fractures, i can poke that part of my foot without it hurting lol). I can bear weight but have not been because of doctor's orders. I'm two weeks into this and can't stand the thought of being off my feet for more and more months. The crutches are killing me and I have two kids that I need to take care of at night while my hubby is working. So my question....
Anyone have any success at all with non-surgical management of this? There is 2mm of displacement, which, from what I've read is the borderline of where they will do surgery.

Thoroughly Confused and Thoroughly Scared o.O


Ok, so back from the foot specialist who also couldn't give me a straight answer. His plan was to make a small incision and "clamp" together the first and second cuniforms (?sp). This would, in his words, get it as close as he could to back to normal, but maybe not back to normal. Would I need arch supports after surgery? Yes. Would I get arthritis after the trying surgery? Mmmm, maybe, probably, most likely. Would I need arch supports without the surgery? Yes. Would I develop arthritis without the surgery? Mmmm, maybe, most likely, probably, don't know. So, he put me in a short leg non-weight bearing cast and told me if I don't have the surgery to follow up with the ortho doc here in two weeks for cast removal and more x-rays. (I'm gonna be glowing by the time this is all done LOL).

My foot hurts worse with the cast than with the cam walker I had up until now. I can move my foot more in the cast than I could in the cam walker even though the cast tech had it wrapped really tight. Sooooo, how is this helping? Even though I've been asking everyone for advice I think I've already made up my mind not to have the surgery. Surgery would mean an additional 10-12 weeks off that foot, and winter where I am is not easy.

Full weight bearing x-rays on that one foot showed no shifting at all (no pain either). From what I've been reading, bones need to be fused further down the road anyway so why put myself through hell now and again later? UGGGHHH!

Whew, sorry to be so negative, just needed to vent. I hope everyone else is doing well with their recoveries.