New research found that drug used to treat cancer can be related to heart failure in patients who receive this drug as a part of their therapy. Sunitinib is designed to target specific molecules inside cancer cells that have an impact on cancer spread. During the research scientists found that out of 75 patients who took this drug 6 of them developed symptoms similar to congestive heart failure and two of them had heart attack. It was discovered that the patients who previously had coronary heart disease were more likely to develop heart problems. About 20% of patients who received this drug had a reduction of left ventricular ejection fraction and almost half of them developed hypertension.

Researchers said that hypertension is a common side affect during cancer treatment but they claim that if it’s detected in it’s early stages it can be reduced and this is beneficial for long term cancer treatment. In most of these cases, heart problems were medically manageable and patients were able to resume sunitinib therapy and temporary stop taking the drug while cardiac medications fix the heart problem.

This study proves that some cancer drugs could have impact on proper heart function and seriously damage heart of patients diagnosed with cancer.