Researchers found that substances from the grape juice called polyphenols could help in preventing Alzheimer’s. This substance is also found in red wine so it means that a wine could provide such preventive effects as well.

During the study scientists found that polyphenols prevent the accumulation of the substance called beta – amyloid in the brain which format into plaques that is associated with Alzheimer’s. This is still a preliminary research but researchers agree that it’s a very promising because the results show the great influence non – alcoholic Grape juice rich in polyphenols could have in long term cognitive health.

Previous studies found that red wine has an influence of preventing cognitive decline but they warned that even moderate amount of wine could be a health risk, especially for older people. So, this new study will examine the functional role of polyphenols from grape juice and their influence on preventing Alzheimer’s and other cognitive dysfunctions. The main purpose of this research is to find out what compounds have an influence on the brain functioning.