Some researches in the past already found that soda drinks can increase risk of diabetes and obesity if people drink it too much but recent study was researching impact of colas and other kinds of soda on kidney problems. They discovered that colas have very high amounts of phosphoric acid which is related to kidney problems such as kidney stones and other renal problems.

During the study, researchers analyzed dietary habits of about five hundred people who had chronic kidney disease and compared them to healthy people. Results showed that people who drink two or more colas every day have higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease. On the other side, they found that people who drink two or more carbonated drinks others than cola don’t have increased risk of developing some kidney disorder.

Researchers claim these findings are of great importance but they need to do more research. For now it’s pretty sure that some ingredients in cola such as phosphoric acid or ability of cola to pull calcium from the bones have impact on kidneys , renal failure and other disorders related to them. They also claim that cola drinks have ability to increase risk of kidney disorders more than other soda drinks.