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Hi. I am hoping somebody could help me out with this question. Lately I often hear people say they use this drug called Wellbutrin for weight loss. A friend from work suggested I should try it too since it helped her a lot. So I told my husband to buy it for me while he was coming home from work. He couldn’t speak over the phone since he was stuck in traffic. When he came home not only did he not bring me Wellbutrin, but he started criticizing me because I often take pills without even knowing what they really are. When he told me Wellbutrin is an antidepressant I was shocked. How can an antidepressant help people to lose weight?


I asked my doctor the same thing. Even she doesn’t seem to know the answer to that question.

She just kept saying I cannot use it to lose weight. Then I told her I am not planning to use Wellbutrin, I am just curious to know how does it work, and why people use it as a weight loss drug.

So she told me that this drug is a stimulant, so it functions like one- it helps weight loss by making us be more active and upping our metabolism.

That answer wasn’t as precise as I hoped, but I guess that’s the bottom part.



You know what I think? Just hear me out.

Since Wellbutrin is an antidepressant, it is used by people who suffer from depression. As we all know, people who struggle with depression tend to overeat (sort of a defense mechanism) and that way they gain weight. When they start using Wellbutrin, they feel a lot better and they are not so depressive as they were before. That is why they don’t have the need to overeat anymore and they start losing weight.

It makes sense right?

And you probably heard that this product can cause weight gain too for some people. I have a theory for that too.

Since there are also depressive people who instead of eating, tend to spend all the time in bed sleeping( therefore they eat less)-They start to feel better when they take Wellbutrin, so they begin eating more, and that is why they gain pounds.