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Hello. I have a friend who recently got through a tough divorce. She has been married for only five years and she already has three children. For my greatest surprise she is feeling better than ever. She looks like she discovered a whole new world and she is really enjoying it.

Since she was a bit depressed after the divorce she started using Wellbutrin. Not only did this antidepressant improved her mood, but she lost 17 pounds with it.

I am thinking to try it myself if my doctor approves it. Do you happen to know what brands of it I can use?


Wellbutrin is a trade name for Bupropion. It serves as an atypical antidepressant.

I don’t know much about this, but since I see nobody is answering you, I will give my best to help. I know buproprion was approved by the FDA in 80s and marketed by the name of Wellbutrin.

 It lasted only for a year and then they had to withdraw it ( incidence of epileptic seizures was the reason for it). Then they released a new formulation of buproprion called Wellbutrin SR. In 2003 another formulation was approved under the name of Wellbutrin XL.

That is all I know about it.



Thank you so much. I really don’t know anything about this, so any information that I can get is precious to me. I am a bit depressed myself so this antidepressant would be very useful for me, both for my mood and for my weight loss.

This friend of mine I mentioned before seems like a different person since she is taking it. She was prescribed it by a doctor, and the weight loss came unexpectedly. She was very surprised.

 Thank you again so much and if you happen to know anything about the generic versions of Wellbutrin, let me know.