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My Fiance and I have been having protected sex but the past couple of times he would finsh it would seem like there was cum inside of me. We looked for a hole but we couldn't see anything leaking out at all. Recently, while at work (im a hostess/server) I've been feeling very awkward, I'm not sure what it is but it's like a feeling of heavy and an urge to waddle almost. Today I noticed that I feel heavy and there feels to be a small ball or something right under my stomach. I have noticed an incress of urination, and a large amount of a creamy white discharge (happens often, it's made me panic a few times in the past) and I can see my pores right around my nipples and they seem just slightly raised which does happen sometimes at different times of the month. I honestly can not remember much of my last period I do remember it being shorter and lighter near the end. I haven't been feel heartburn at all but I don't eat very greasy foods and nothing spicy because I'm allergic to it. Also no morning sickness. But then I almost always feel dizzy and nausious getting out of bed. Maybe I'm anemic? (forgot to ask the doctor about it)Oh also, I did go to the doctors yesterday to get poison ivy medication and a prescription for birth control. maybe today I feel weird because of the medication? Though I don't remember anything about "feeling a ball under your stomach" in the side effects. lol. If anyone has some reason or another it would be greatly appreciated. ^-^


I also forgot to mention, I have not started the birth control yet. I have a couple weeks before my period is supposed to start