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Hello everyone. First off, I would like to thank you for reading this.

My name is Andrew. Im 13 years old, almost 14. I smoked weed like 4 months ago and It was the first time I ever got high. I was smoking non laced weed with six or so of my friends. We started running around the house and what not. And when I stood up on a chair to get food, I got like a head rush or something and snapped back into reality. I was like "Woahhhhh, something dose not feel right. I do not like this feeling." I then started filling my head with bad thoughts like I was going to die or have a heart attack or a sezuire or something. These are my fears. I came to a point that I was so scared I wanted to tell my parents. But I stayed at my friends house for another hour or so, feeling like I was outside my body and my head spinning. I even came to the point where I went outside in the snow and threw a glass of water on my face trying to wake up. It was pretty bad I guess. Ive heard some stories like mine where people freaked out. But heres what Im here to ask. A little after I smoked, I started feeling like I was not real. I went though times where I had to convince myself I was a real person and that the world is real,etc. I started thinking about things like "How is it possible the world is here, how are we real?" You know? I think I got carried away with some of thoses thoughs and what not and kept asking myself quistons. As time passed I started to feel "normal" again (Another thing, I did not remember how I acted after I was high. I kind of forgot like who I was. Not really like my name and what not but like HOW I acted.) And as days go by I feel better and better. But their are times I do feel really funny and dont know why. Is it the fact that im young and im maturing and seeing the world differnt? These are what other people said. Or is it the weed or something? I really dont know. Help!


Dude ur fine I'm 13 and I smoke pot on a 4:20 basis and I feel the same way every time