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I've had these water blisters for over a month now. I itch so bad that only itching makes it feel good. I have scabs now because of itching so much I bleed if the sore even gets rubbed or the scab falls off it bleeds. A doctor gave me some medication to take 4 times a day and some medicine in a tube for the itching. I hate this they get so sore that it hurts to even put any type of pressure on my elbows or forearms. I've had a few on both of my knees. I've been told that I have fatty liver. I'm so scared because I don't want to get worse, or have any times of health issures more than I already have. If someone can help me from freaking out I would appreciate it. Thanks


Hello Nicole,

I'm curious about your blisters.  Have they gone away along with their itching or is this a permanent situation.  Did the doctor determine what you have.  I mean, are you allergic to something like poison ivy or do you have some kind of skin infection.  I'm allergic to poison ivy and I got it all over my body.  The itching was so intense you just want to die.  I finally went to the ER and got a topical prescription.  Wow what a relief.  

No need to freak out, you're not alone.  I'm not sure about your fatty liver but you probably need to take medication for that.  Just take one day at a time and keep positive thoughts about everything.  You might want to check on natural supplements for fatty liver to see if you can improve your liver function.  Other than that you seem okay.  I wish you the best.