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Hey all, I came here a week or so ago to ask a simple question and I seem to have found myself here once again, I'm pretty scared to say the least.

I've been suffering from some annoying sinus problems recently. Whenever my sinuses are playing up my ears pop and crackle and feel full alot, I've had that since I had labrynthitis when I was young. As well as this I've been having some pretty bad back problems for a while now. My posture when using the computer is bad and its affected my left leg and my left arm making them feel stiff and numb sometimes.

Last night when I got into bed before I fell asleep my left arm and leg would keep going very numb (Like heavy, very heavy) and it really spooked me. It kept doing it, keeping me awake and I ended up having a very very bad night.

Im planning on going to see a doctor soon about my anxiety, I'm kinda at my wits end and need some friendly answers =(


I forgot to mention after I'd had a panic attack, I tried lieing on my front and ignoring the sensations. They didn't seem as harsh but I kept feeling dizzy every time I had that numbness/shrill feeling pass over me.