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please read even tho its long...,

so i havent had my periods yet and ive got this whitey gooey stuff on my knickers, i did research and figured it was just discharge.
i looked 'down there' and on my clit and coming out of it is this white stuff which feel like the dischrge when i rub it between my fingers. 
but discharge doesnt come out of here and i dont know what it is, there is NO irritation and NO redness or itchiness! so is it a yeast infecton?o.O
because i havnt had periods and my famil developed late too i thought well it might not be discharge then and someething else.:'(
its not on my knickers where it shud b (where my vagina is) it is near my clit and i KNOW its not from where my knickers have been moving.

also when i look at my uthera and vagina area i cant c any holes , or am i just being blind???

thankyou very much xxxxxxxxx


actually ignore the bit about the holes plz but my utherus and vagina seem to b very far back!!! x


you may very well have an infection if it is coming out of your clitoris. you should make an appointment with your doctor. i don't think you not having your period has any bearing on this. hope this helps