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So, I just had sex. I blew him for a like ten seconds and I believe he precumed in my mouth but I'm not sure. He tried to put the condom on and out on on his tip and realized it was the wrong way and then switched it around. Should I take the plan b pill? Do you think I will get pregnant? Please help me, I'm scared.


Hi bluedancer,

So there could have been some pre-cum on the condom. If that ever happens again you guys really should just use another one as opposed to that one. But pre-cum contains very little sperm, so while there is a possibility of being pregnant, it is very unlikely. Don't stress yourself out over this, just be carefree. If you're still worried in about a months time take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor. I doubt you are actually pregnant. If you're incredibly worried take the plan b pill, it couldn't hurt but it will throw your cycle a little bit out of wack.

Best of Luck!