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ok so me and my bf had sex, it was my first time. and he didnt go in all the way he said, becuz it kinda hurted n i was freaking out n pulled him away, well, after the last attempt, it went in farther.
i dont know if he was pulling out when we heard something but all i know is that we heard a popped and i felt something weird. the condom had ripped on the side.
He did not cum AT ALL, but be4 we had sex we messed around n he precumed

any chance i can get pregnant?
or should i take the pill to be on the safe side?
im always paranoid and i dont want to stress
my period should be commin up and i have the signs of the be4 period


The chances of you being pregnant from this are very low. Because you hadn't had sex before and because your boyfriend hadn't ejaculated inside the condom, the chances are very slim. Yes, you can get pregnant off pre-cum, especially if he didn't wipe it off, but again, there's so little sperm in pre-cum that chances are slim.


Pre-cum regularily doesn't have much semen in it at all! Which is why pre-cum is very unlikely to inpregnate you!
If you are planning on being more sexually active in the future, i would advise you to use a method of contraception(birth control, spermacides, jelly, diaphrams etc.) to protect yourself from pregnancy. These however, do not protect you from STD/STI's, so it's always good to use a condom.
If you are not on any form of birth control and your birth control method fails ( he doesn't pull out fast enough, condom slippage/breakage etc.) there's always the Morning After Pill (such as "Plan B".) You can get these without a prescrition and must be taken within 72 hours of the unprotected sex.
However, if you still are worried that you may be pregnant (even though it is SO very unlikely) you can always walk down to the drug store a pick up a pregnancy test kit. Or as your doctor to give you a pregnancy test.

It's never fun to worry! Ease your mind!