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Hello my name is Angie I am 39 years old.  I am married and have one child.  I am excited about this web site I found.  I have had two surgeries one was a tubal in 2007 and ovarian cysts removal in 2009.  I have been diagnosed with endometriosis.  I look forward to sharing my stories and reading others to help me through this.




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Hello Angie. Welcome to our community. There are a lot of members that can help you with your problem or share the same experience; also, have in mind that you can help others with their problem too. Your engagement in various activities is welcomed and recommended.

My name is Edward and I am here to guide you if you need any help. Please feel free to contact me via Personal Message or just reply here and I will help you within 24 hours.

If you would like to post a new topic please go to our discussions section page of the site and choose the appropriate discussion. Tip: to get answers faster, make sure your topic title is descriptive and clear.

Once again, welcome and enjoy in our community. 

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