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Hello. My little son injured his collar bone. To be more precise, he has collar bone fracture. I want to know what the treatment is for collar bone fracture. I am asking you this because I do not think that his orthopedist did what he could. I hope you will understand my care and you will answer me this. Thank you!


Hello. I really do understand your care, but, on the other hand I am sure that your son’s orthopedist done what he can. I am telling you this because recommended treatment for collar bone fracture is resting. Also, I assume that your boy wears arm in a sling now (am I right?). If you are not so sure about treatment, you should contact some other orthopedist, but I am almost sure that anyone else will tell you same as I did.



1. Get Medical Help Immediately

  • Get the person to a hospital emergency room or to a health care provider.

2. Immobilize the Arm

  • Avoid moving the affected arm.
  • Hold the arm close to the body with the other arm or a sling with the hand raised higher than the elbow.

3. Reduce Pain and Swelling

  • Apply ice for pain and swelling.
  • Give over-the-counter acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) for pain unless there is a break in the skin over the fracture, which may require surgery.

4. Follow Up

  • The health care provider will examine the shoulder and may X-ray the shoulder and chest.
  • The health care provider may put the arm in a sling to immobilize it and apply a figure eight strap to help maintain shoulder position. Surgery is rarely required.