I am 18 and I started taking the birth control pill Sprintec (NOT Tri-Sprintec) on April 29th, and had sex for the first time on May 1st with my boyfriend who was also a virgin at the time. We have been having sex.. well.. a lot, since then :P Probably around once a day with some days off. I've been keeping track of the days we do on an app on my phone, so I know. Anyway, we /usually/ have sex with a condom because even though I have almost finished an entire pack (I have one more active pill before I start the placebo), I am really paranoid about something going wrong. When we don't have sex with a condom, he always pull out. He has /never/ came inside thus far. The instructions on the birth control said to wait one week before having unprotected sex, but I have read other places that you should wait to finish an entire pack.

My question is, am I being /too/ careful? Should I start letting him cum inside? I know I want to wait at least until I get my period (which should be in 2 or 3 days), so I know that I'm not pregnant and everything is working like it should. But after my period is over and I start my second pack of pills, do you think it should be safe to let him not pull out? We aren't worried about STDs since both of us were virgins previously.