I'm a 20 year old college student and I take Sprintec with the 21 day active pills and 7 day placebos. During the last month (June 2017) pack I missed 5 days in a row. Knowing the bleeding would start soon, which it did, I tried to take all of the pills I missed within 4 days but I was still bleeding. My placebo week just passed so I didn't take any pills during that time, but just yesterday (Thursday) I started my new month of pills. Normally when I miss pills or during my placebo week once I take my first active pill of the month the bleeding decreases significantly and eventually stops by Saturday. It is Friday and I am still experiencing heavy bleeding. No pain just a lot of blood. I don't know whether my hormones are out of wack but I tried to just leave it alone for a week so I would be back on track but I am still bleeding once starting my new pack. Should I wait it out and continue taking the Sprintec? I've been bleeding for 3 weeks now and I'm anemic so it's kindof getting annoying at this point.


thank you