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In '01 I found out that I had a multinodular goiter. Even though all my symptoms said I was hyPOthyroid (obese, fatigue, hair loss, short term memory loss, irritability) my TSH levels were low so that means I was actually hyPERthyroid. The docs ended up taking out my entire thyroid (thyroidectomy) and have me on Synthroid .88mcg. Right after the thyroidectomy, I lost 20 lbs (down to 160). I didn't really diet or exercise, but I've always been extremely active. But I gained it all back and was up to 180lbs (at 5'2").

Feb 04 I decided I needed to change my life. With the help of my BF, I started back in the gym and changed my diet. 4 months later, I hit 135 lbs and a size 8! I still have some belly fat to lose, but it's coming off real slowly. I've maintained this weight since June. I can't lose the rest - it won't come off! I think my metabolism isn't right yet.

I stay constipated - only going to the bathroom once or twice a wk, so I started taking Magnesium and Fiber. I also started taking vitamin supplements. Here is my regimen:

Wake up: Synthroid .88mcg
30 min Before Breakfast: Chromium picolinate, B Complex, Magnesium, Fiber
5-30 min Before Lunch: Chromium picolinate, B Complex, Magnesium, Fiber
5-30 min Before Dinner: Chromium picolinate, B Complex, Magnesium

I will start taking a multivitamin pretty soon, along w/ Vit C. I heard that L-Tyrosine and Kelp are good for speeding up metabolism. But then I read Kelp is bad for ppl w/ Hyperthyroid. I also read for Hyperthyroid patients, you should consult your Dr or at least follow the instructions on the bottle before taking L-Tyrosine. So I stopped taking Kelp altogether and now I only take 1 L-Tyrosine pill a day.

Q – Since I’m on Synthroid, am I still hyperthyroid and should I be taking care of myself as though I'm hyperthyroid?
Q – Is it ok for me to take Kelp?
Q – Is it ok for me to take L-Tyrosine?
Q – Should I change my schedule to get the maximum benefits of the vitamins?
Q – Should I take any other vitamins like Vit C and my B Complex at the same time w/ L-Tyrosine?
Q – When should I take L-Tyrosine – the same time as my Synthroid or later on in the day?
Q – I heard Levoxyl is much cheaper than Synthroid; should I switch to that?
Q – What about Green Tea? What’s the amount you should ingest to make a difference?
Q - Will any of these vitamins or combinations postpone the menstrual cycle?


You’re brew because you decided to change your life and you did it. Congratulations!
I think that some terming switch. You are hypothyroid because you get thyreoidectomyam, and you get pill for that (it is a substitute therapy). Now it is expected that you have normal hormone level!
Levoxyl and Synthroid is the same drug but you must get the same dose of 88mcg.
Your schedule is OK, you do not need to take any other vitamins, because it will taken together with food and your normal nutrition.
Green tea is not recommended for opstipation!
Those combinations do not have any significant influence on the menstrual cycle!

I hope this will help you,


Thanks! It does help! I'm going in to see the Dr tomorrow to get new TSH lab work done. Am I being undermedicated? I've heard that ppl that have had their thyroid removed are hypo and usually must take at least 1 mcg of the thyroid (or the same amount as your body weight).

On the advise of another person, they said I should take a pregnancy test before going in for lab work bc the results could be different. I did this morning and it was negative (alittle depressed, alittle relieved)...


I am very glad that I helped you..... :-D
What has happened with lab results? What did tell you the doctor about this?
Hope you’re doing well!