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Hi there,
can anyone tell me if taking vitamin supplements daily, like iron tables and kelp can affect the way the Yasmin pill works??

I currently take these vitamins for overall health and well being and want to know if these will interfere with the way the Yasmin pill is supposed to work ?

thanks :-)


I don’t know much about this but I heard that birthcontrol pills may contain varying levels of estrogen and progestins which could affect nutrients and some of them, which might be reduced by the oral contraceptives are folic acid, B vitamins (but B-complex is suggested), vitamin C, selenium etc, and the nutrients that can be increased are calcium, copper, zinc and iron.
As for me, I have been on the birtcontrol pills, not exactly yasmin but Logest, and I was using Beviplex pills at the same time and I never had any complications. This is the different combination from yours but still it’s birthcontroll pills and vitamins so I guess it’s fine to use these vitamin supplements. But let’s not conclude on our own, you better go ask your doctor about the possible complications, ok?