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If you have any sucess stories please share them.


I have heard some stories about 7 keto, my coach was mentioning something about it and I believe this is true what he said, he praised this product and said if you receive 7 keto and are on a proper diet plus exercising, you will surely lose some weight.
He said you can’t be using only 7 keto and expect the kilos would disappear, you have to work a lot on it if you want to look fit.
Like every other supply similar to 7 keto, can’t provide you the immediate results, the result is guaranteed if you are sticked to the weight loss program. With 7 keto weight loss program, you can lose up to a pound a week. You just need to be persistent!
Have you used keto 7 already? If so, could you tell me your experience with it. My coach also told me it boosts your energy and has many health benefits, whichI believe is true!


I have used a combination of 7 keto, CLA, Super B Complex vitamin, and chromium picolinate for two or three months now. I have lost a few inches around my navel during this time. My father in law has seen such dramatic effects that he immediately went and bought him some. I also jog and weight train. I believe that I started seeing the most results after about 2 or 3 weeks on the supplements. My dosage:

1 super b complex
1 chromium picolinate
3 NOW CLA 800mg
1 Now 7 keto 100mg
twice daily. one dose in the morning and one in the afternoon.


I have tried the 7-keto diet. Let me tell you it is a very good diet regime. However I find the normal keto diet more appealing. There are various reasons behind it but ht enumber one reason is my ability to get results fast. I used to weigh 270 pounds last year and today I way 185. This is all following the normal ketogenic diet for precisely 11 months.

I have read a lot of resource on ketogenic diets. I have even attended seminars on all body comp and recomp here in melboure But if you stick to the basic "calorie=calorie out" paradigm , you cant simply go wrong.

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