I'm trying to determine the cause of prolactin levels being elevated to 50.5ng/mL (normal is 2-14ng/mL). Can mammary prosthesis elevate prolactin to this level?
Estradiol levels are high, 171 pg/mL during the follicular phase (normal is 20-100pg/mL). FSH is low 1.3mIU/mL (2-14mIU/mL is normal). Globulin is high 3.7 g/dL (2.5-3.5g/dL is normal).
MRI came out normal, ruling out pituitary macroadema but not microadema smaller than 3mm. A secondary Prolactin test is currently being undertaken. If levels remain the same, can the prosthesis be the primary cause of the elevation? I understand there are several other causes to prolactin elevation such as stress and sleep deprivation.
I would like to know if medical treatment in the form of bromocriptine would be necessary or just medical surveillance of prolactin levels would suffice. Besides low libido and irregular periods, no other symptoms such as galactorrhea exist.

I would appreciate it if anyone could help. %-)