well, i got with my ex boyfriend james a few weeks ago on december 5th. we knew each other 4 months before we got together, so that day we decided to have sex starting that night. we had sex 3 times with no condom for a week. finally, december 11th, i ended our relationship, because he was extremely clingy, a bit quiet, and i guess also you could say on the weird side. ever since me and him got together, ive been feeling very sick. constantly tired, lazy, weak, dizzy, lightheaded, and frequent urination. after the second time we had sex, i threw up lots of clear nasty stuff. my last period ended november 22nd, and the next day i went to the doctor for a followup on a UTI from a guy in mid-october. my periods are usually real heavy, and annoying. 29 days has passed, my period has come 4am on sunday, and ended yesterday early morning. BUT, it didnt feel like i was on my period at all, and i would barely feel any blood coming out. i've been feeling the pregnancy symtoms have been happening a few days before me and james got together.

i also went to the obgyn last week, took a test and it was negative. i was suppossed to go this week, on tuesday, but since i had my period my mom said we would just go back there after it ended and after the holidays.

ive been real worried, and stressed all month. and of course a bit concerned, so if you could, help me out with this?