Hi, I have missed pills here and there doing a monthly course of my lutera birth control pills. My partner ejaculated inside of me the day after my period went off, then again on sept 24. my cycle started on sept 9 and ended on sept 14 but now its almost time for my cycle to come again but on sept 29 and when i went to use the restroom when i wiped there was a little pinkish color on my tissue. the next day on oct 1 I had bleeding in my under wear but only for a couple hrs it felt like my period was coming on but my period does not come for about a week, now today i bleeding but lightly but still cramping. so confused could i be pregnant having implantion or just a break through bleeding also has a loss of appetite, nausea, nipple were sore for about a week or two, and i have been moody. also i have had a white milky discharge for a week.