I have problem of my cycle period it is always delayed and then I find it out that I have polycystic ovary, so my female doctor she ask me to take a pills named "ALTHEA" when I start taking the Althea I am spotting everyday and acne so I went back to my female doctor to tell her about how the pills react to my hormone's! my cousin she told me the GRACIAL pills is for acne, so I ask my doctor if its OK with me to take it instead of Althea.So when I tried the first pack, I feels nothing, no more acne, and no more spotting period everyday. I take the 22 pills and rest for 6 days and in the 7th day take the new pack of GRACIAL, but before I start my new pack of pills in my 6 days rest, in the 4th days of that I have my cycle. I tried to take it for 8months and I stop taking it because I'm out of country and I am afraid to try their pills here maybe my hormones act crazy again.