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Hi there, i am in need of some advice as very confused about my current screwed up cycle and neg pregnancy test etc. I find alot of people on the net with similiar situations but theres always a slight difference so i'd like to ask for myself.

Basically i am on Loestrin birth control pills, having switched from a diff brand. I started loestrin straight after the old pill pack, as advised, and after that i'm sure i too a few pills from the next pack after the 21 days, which i shouldnt have, but i didnt want my period at that point. I then decided to go off the pill for personal reasons, and have been off it for almost a month now. Towards the end of last month, say the last week of May, i had a light brown discharge for around 3-5 days from what i can remember, sometimes there was nothing, sometimes it filled one towel. I then didnt go on to have red spotting or a proper period, so havent a clue what that was. I have since not experienced any kind of bleeding and havent had an actual period for a v long time now! I dont think the brown discharge would be a period as it wasnt heavy like mine normally are, and it didnt develop into a normal 'red' period as its meant to. Since being off the pill, i've had unprotected sex a few times. Leading up to the brown discharge, i was having sex just normally on the pill but i know sometimes theyre not 100% effective plus i slipped up on occasions and missed pills way back in april. God, looking over my calendar now i'm realising i might have really screwed up my cycle continuing over my 21 day break with pills ect, so i cant even be sure i'm correct in saying i stopped after the first pack of my new pill. Anyways, i havent a clue what to think of the brown discharge, to regard it as a period or not, if it was then i'd be due a period next week, if not then i honestly havent had one in a month or over, i took a preg. test a week ago today, just a cheap one if that matters, it showed up negative.

My boobs are really soft/swollen but not sore, i have put on slight amount of weight in my stomach. I really dont know what to think? Any posts back would be great, thank yous.


Irregular cycle possibly