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I lost my virginity to my boyfriend on June 30th and we didn't use a condom. ((Stupid!, i know)) I'm so unbelievably terrified that i could be pregnant because of the fact that we didn't use a condom. The first day of my last period was June 25th & it only lasted 5 days ((My period's usually last 7 days)) On June 23rd i bled a little & thought it was my period but it went away like 2 times after i used the bathroom, Then came back the 25th. It was gone by the 30th and the 30th is when i had sex, i bled A LOT ((but thats normal from what i'v heard, being that it was my first time)). I bled for about 2 days after, And it kind of stung when i pee'd for about 3 days after. ((not anymore)) But now my pee has like a really strong smell & it's really bright yellow ((is that normal after you have sex for the first time?)). Im really scared that i might be pregnant ((and i DO NOT want to tell my parent's, if there's no need)) he pulled out, he said `But still there's a chance that some got inside me & i really just want to know if i can take a pregnancy test before my period is supposed to come, my period should be here July 25th no later than July 27th. But i want to know NOW, Im so nervous.. My stomach has been acting weird like all bubbly & every now and then i feel natious just for no reason, i can't eat i can't even look at food ((this is probably from my nerves)) But if there's ANYONE that can like inform me on how soon i can take a pregnancy test?? or Can i even get pregnant on my first time.. My mom told me A LONG time ago that one of her friends got pregnant on her first time.. I just don't know.. i'm so scared that i could be pregnant.. ANY information anyone has will HELP!!



It is very unlikely that you would get pregnant the day your period ends. It is possible to get pregnant your first time though - there are no free passes. I wouldn't worry if I were you, but if your next period is late then take a test.
Any feelings of nausea are too early to be a sign of pregnancy.